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After monkeying enough with the new MacBook Pro; Installing Win XP and opening it to take out the stuck DVD, we’ve finally settled with Boot Camp (not sure for how long :)). Actually I really wanted to try the Mac OS X but due to the MacOnXp and Boot Camp thing the MacBook Pro was hanging around with me and my boss like a pendulum. So, now we’ve settled down and I’ll have one week of uninterrupted Mac OS X environment. I will not use any Windows for a week to see whether I can live without it. If I find it worth I’ll buy a MacBook Pro for myself and will join the club of switchers. BTW, this switcher’s blog is very interesting and I’ll also share my Mac experience here.

I’ve never used; actually never even touched any Apple machine or the OS prior to this MacBook Pro in my life. My first computer experience was with a PC in 1990 running MS DOS then came win 3.x, 9x, me, 2k, xp and 3k. At work I primarily use linux and unix. I did try to switch my work desktop to Linux several times without success (not satisfied). Although Linux makes a great server platform I think it’s still not ready for desktop. That’s another long story maybe I’ll write about later. This week I’ll share my Mac experience. I’m very excited and ready for a change…

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2 comments on “My Mac Experience
  1. Maulik says:


    My story is a similar one. I have never used / touched a mac before but I will be buying it in a weeks time. I have read some really good reviews about Macbook Pro. Being able to run XP on it sounds exciting. Eventually my aim will be to have OSX, XP and Ubuntu on the MBP. Let’s see how I go.

    Thanks for the useful info.


  2. Hi Maulik,
    that’s a very good decision you’ve made to buy a Macbook Pro. You can have best of all worlds in this machine, OSX, Windows and Linux. But I’m sure you’ll be booting OSX more than anything after you start using it. It’s just too good to compare with windows. Welcome to the Mac world!

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