MacBook Pro problems

I have noticed few issues with MacBook Pro and seems like I’m not the only one. Some of the problems that I’ve noticed are:

  1. It’s too hot to handle. The heat on back side makes it impossible to put it on your lap and the upper left corner gets heated even when the notebook is idle.
  2. The whining noise of cpu or fan comes and goes on it’s own and doesn’t depend on whether you’re running some application or not.
  3. The mouse is lost and appears magically every once a while. confirms the heat and noise problem. It looks like Apple knew about the problem from the very beginning and is finally fixing it.

We’re sending our MacBook Pro to Apple for repair or replacement. If the replacement looks good I’ll buy one for myself too otherwise I’ll wait for second revision of the MacBook Pro.

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  2. […] I’m enjoying the Mac life as a newbie. After yesterdays post Mac Applications for daily use I’m receiving a lot of comments. Thanks to everyone who’ve read, commented and sent emails with a lot of suggestions. OS X and Mac Applications are great, MacBook Pro is a very fast and sexy machine but it does have some serious problems, so we’ve finally sent it to Apple for repair. I think they’re going to repair instead of replacing it. I’ll let you know how the repaired or replaced MacBook Pro behaves. […]

  3. […] We received the MacBook Pro from Apple repair center but unfortunately not all of the problems are solved. The complaint we had with the MacBook Pro were: 1. The Heat at the bottom and on the surface (on the upper left corner and above the function keys). 2. Whining noise 3. Track-pad problem 4. Unstable Optical drive (sometimes cannot eject disks) […]

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