OneStep DVD is really one step

I think Apple keeps things simple, yet powerful and effective. I was pleasantly surprised with iDVD. The Magic iDVD is very easy to use and yet lets you create a very professional DVDs with few clicks. The most amazing experience I had was with the OneStep DVD. All you’ve to do is; connect the camcorder via firewire, insert a blank dvd disk and press OneStep DVD. That’s all. Also good thing about the MacBook Pro is that you can do other things with it as the iDVD is running. There is no noticeable delay in performance.

I’m enjoying the Mac life as a newbie. After yesterdays post Mac Applications for daily use I’m receiving a lot of comments. Thanks to everyone who’ve read, commented and sent emails with a lot of suggestions. OS X and Mac Applications are great, MacBook Pro is a very fast and sexy machine but it does have some serious problems, so we’ve finally sent it to Apple for repair. I think they’re going to repair instead of replacing it. I’ll let you know how the repaired or replaced MacBook Pro behaves.

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