Return of the MacBook Pro

We received the MacBook Pro from Apple repair center but unfortunately not all of the problems are solved. The complaint we had with the MacBook Pro were:

    1. Heat at the bottom and on the surface (upper left corner and above the function keys).
    2. Whining noise
    3. Track-pad problem
    4. Unstable Optical drive (sometimes cannot eject disks)

The MacBook Pro is back with replaced track-pad and optical drive but the heat and whining noise are still there. I’ve called Apple support and complained about the problem. They’ve created another case and asking me to send it to repair again. The lady was saying many MacBook Pro users have complained about the heat and noise problem. When I asked, if it was a known problem? Her answer was, some MacBook Pros seem to have this problem. But she wouldn’t say if new release of MacBook Pro have these problems fixed. I also complained why they didn’t look at the problem when the MacBook pro was sent for repair earlier. She says slight heat at bottom is normal and mild whining noise is also normal due to the internal working of the logic board. I explained that the surface above the function keys becomes like a toaster after few hours of turning on the MacBook Pro and you cannot stay in a silent room without noticing the annoying noise. She says, may be at the repair center they misunderstood the problem. And she assured me that this time she’s documented the problem in detail and the experts will look at them when it’s sent again for repair. Sadly we’ve no other choice than to send it back for a repair one more time but I hope after this we’ll receive a cooler and silent MacBook Pro.

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