What do you think about Buddha Boy?

Palden Dorje In Grove-1UWB has posted a recently taken photo of Ram’s mother and sister in No News of Buddha boy but the life goes on…

A significant number of users land in my blog searching for the keywords “buddha boy”, “meditating boy”, “boy with extraordinary powers”, “the boy with divine powers”, “buddha boy update”, “ram bahadur bomjon” and so on… The recent airing of My Shocking Story: The Boy With Divine Powers by Discovery Channel has taken this story to the wider audience. Now more people know about him and are curious about where he might be. Looking at the comments of visitors and emails that I received, I can see there are 4 types of people following his story.

The first type of people are confident that this was/is a hoax. They say it is scientifically impossible for anyone to sit in one place without eating and drinking for such a long time. This was a well planned hoax to deceive innocent people and get their money.

The second group of people believe that he’s holy and divine. One guy reasoned it like this — “You see he has been meditating for 10 months without food and water, and is immune to fire and snake bites. Who do you think he is?”

There’s a third group, who think he’s the reincarnation of Buddha. This reincarnation thought was implanted and made popular by captivating headlines that many mainstream media choose, while Ram was meditating, and after he went missing.

The final fourth group of people are open minded, curious and not exactly sure what’s going on.

I’m one from the fourth group. I’m very deeply interested in this story. I feel something significant is going on here. I think all the attention he got was something he never asked for. I hope he’s safe, in a peaceful place and progressing with his meditation. Like the critics and believers I’m waiting for his appearance after 6 years to see what he has to say.

By the way, what do you think about Buddha boy?

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13 comments on “What do you think about Buddha Boy?
  1. Well, I actually visited him twice in two days something a month before he disappeared and spent more than eight hours around him talking to his assistant and other people.

    Being a journalist accompanying a photojournalist and having developed a kind of friendship with the priest, who was a small kid called Prem, I could see him from around 10m (rather than 25m for normal visitors). It was interesting that I found nothing against his claim in two days – its hard to believe that he is eating or drinking something and more difficult to believe that he is living like that.

    I couldn’t reach any conclusion and returned more confused – with one thing for sure – he was no deceiving.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ujjwal, it’s very very interesting to have comments from you, since you’ve been there and seen him first hand from pretty close distance. While following his story I’ve noticed that like you almost all the people who went to see or investigate him came back confused but were sure that he wasn’t faking it.

  3. You got it right, Niranjan. Anyone would return confused but sure that he wasn’t faking.

    I wonder where is he now?

  4. Jitesh says:

    I’m definitely in the fourth group of people, just trying to make sense of all the things going on in the world these days. I find it very interesting that he is to return in 6 years, which would be 2012. That’s a particularly interesting year since it is when the Mayan calendar supposedly ends, and there are numerous predictions of doom for that year on various sites around the web. Maybe it means something, but maybe it doesn’t. I just don’t know.

  5. Yayu says:

    I guess I am in the fourth group…. However if possible I would develop a fifth group. A combination of group 2 and 4. I am curious, I can’t pinpoint what is happening yet I believe he is special and his powers are authentic. Holy? maybe, spiritual? definately. I hope he reappears as I am also very interested. What do you think about the Nepal governments reaction and why do you think they wanted to carry out a DNA test on him? Where can we obtain latest updates. Personally I think he has escaped to a more secluded environment. I don’t whether this happened to you but I feel a sense of saddess when I see him. Why? and I don’t like that.

  6. Yayu says:

    Did you see this report…..

    It appears he reappeared

  7. Yayu, yes, I saw that too… and I’ve reported about his reappearance earlier

  8. Vivi says:

    hmm.. i’m see the news that ram reappeared. i live in indonesia n have ram’s information access just from internet. maybe you all want to give an update if there’s something new? thx b4.
    and what do u people think about ram’s reappeared??

  9. Jean says:

    I wonder if a more appropriate title might turn out to be: “The Boy with the Divine discreetly concealed I.V.”….HMMMM?

    Does anyone here remember the old Fakir’s “hidden jointed stick platform” levitation trick? If they can hide a support crutch apparatus behind a linen cloth so cleverly, to make it appear that a trickster can suspend himself in mid-air, (or a breathing tube, similarly buried cleverly to a “buried alive yogi’s” coffin, then what are the odds that an intravenous feeding/hydration tube could be similarly cleverly concealed in a tree trunk, or underground, and run into a vein somewhere in the boy’s body, such as into a hip, leg, etc.?

    I’ve seen some pretty clever deceptions in my time, so…

  10. Jean,

    I don’t think the main point here is about the food (whether he eats or not). It’s about the search. Search for peace, search for meaning, search for enlightenment. But the media loves sensation, so you get titles like “Divine power”, “Incarnation of Buddha”, “Without food”, “Buried alive”, and so on … Actually the buzz around him is created by media, his followers and curious ones like you and me. I think Ram himself don’t care about fame or money.

  11. Andy says:

    Namaste, Niranjan Kunwar!
    We would really like you to come to the Palden Dorje, Ram Bonjom Buddhaboy Google Group. Send email to this group: buddhaboy@googlegroups.com.
    We would love to hear about your experiences. We have also formed an online committee devoted to Ram’s cause, and we are interested to know what it might take to publish a decent biography about Ram which would be less sensational and more based on Ram’s real character. Please contact Brad Grace, our group owner (if you haven’t already) at the above mail and send a copy to me.

  12. Namaste Andy!

    thanks for stopping by and for the emails earlier. I’ve visited the Buddhaboy Google Group and applied for the membership (which is pending). I’ve also sent an email to Brad Grace and you.

    As you might have noticed from my blog entries about Ram that I’m extremely interested in his story (I haven’t seen or met him though). It’s a great idea to publish his biography based on real character, I’ll be more than happy if I could be of any assistance.

  13. I wish RAM BONJON to accomplish into the Dharma or seeking the dharma when reach higtest dharma to teach the humanity in the world because the humanity is destroyed themself

    Bounthavy Innouvong (in laos )

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  1. […] After an email and a comment from Andy about Ram Bomjon – Palden Dorje Google Groups, I checked for recent news about him. There’re interesting discussions going on in Google Groups, I found Ram’s official web site where videos of his addresses are posted, here’s his First Address (August 2 2007), and the Second one (october 19 to 24, 2007). Someone has even created a myspace page for him (currently he has 1671 friends). […]

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