Discovery Channel – My Shocking Story: The Boy With Divine Powers

Looks like Discovery Channel is going to put a stop to our curiosity on whether the Buddha Boy was eating or not during his meditation. They’ll be airing My Shocking Story: The Boy With Divine Powers on Thursday 29 June, 10pm. But this is only for viewers in UK at this moment. If there are any readers from UK interested in Buddha Boy please leave a comment after watching the story.

For the first time ever, cameras have been allowed beyond the 50 metre fence that guards Ram. Filming him 24/7, we will be able to see if he leaves the tree or is somehow getting food and water. Doctors will also view the footage and give their views on what is happening to his body and how he might be enduring what is deemed physically impossible.

Thanks to Wayne for the link.

Update: You can watch the full documentary in Dailymotion

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54 comments on “Discovery Channel – My Shocking Story: The Boy With Divine Powers
  1. HARSHATH .G says:

    Ram Bomjon the Buddha Boy Is Just Another Huckster!

    Ram Bomjon Is A Fake

    They call him the Buddha Boy, or the Boy With Divine Powers. They claimed that Ram Bomjon could go for eight months without eating or drinking or even moving, while he was in a meditation like that of the Siddhartha Guatama himself. What they don’t tell you is that Ram Bomjon was not allowed to be examined by medical doctors, and that no one was ever allowed to see what Ram Bomjon did at night – eating, drinking, dancing, and behaving like the teenage boy he was. Ram Bomjon is a fake!

    More recently, Ram Bomjon did a most unBuddhalike thing, attacking a group of villagers, beating them with sticks along with his servants. Bomjon says he was “forced to beat them”, but the Buddha taught that violence is never necessary, and sat calm in his own meditation even when Mara sent an entire army against him. A Buddha Boy Ram Bomjon is not.

  2. SolarEye says:

    Buddha boy never said he was Buddha. It was other people who said such a thing. He never called anyone to him, people saught him out. I say even if he is eating, drinking and physically protecting his body with sticks I still recognize and bow to him. Not just because of his determination, willpower and conviction but also because of his devotion to the message of peace and light.

    Whatever comes with this in money and power may he use it wisely and stay on the rightious path of Dharma, which he promotes so.

    To sceptics, it is good to think and ok to doubt. But an open heart and trained mind can make the seemingly impossible possible. What is a hoax in a world where even our bodies are illusions. Also, if someone is planning ill and focus on the money, they can not live the lie all their life. Ram has been living for spirituality all his life. Where other boys of 15 (now 21) think of girls and cars he went to meditate under trees and chose to speak of world peace and compassion. Talking about being born for and into something greater. It exists we better believe it.

  3. ME says:

    Hold it. Wasn’t this the kid who was going to “meditate” for six years in that tree? Yeah I think it was.

    Now he is blessing people??? What give him the right?

    Him and his brother need to quit preying on the hopes and aspirations of the truly faithful.

  4. Uday Trivedi says:

    The name of old Indian sadhu who appears in the documentary cliaming that he has not eaten or drank water since he was 12: Prahlad Jani (Mataji). If you search on net, you will find many references of him.

  5. tee jay says:

    where is the last recording of the video before the disappearance. If you do see it what is your deduction from it.

  6. bath says:

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