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Things are pretty tense in Nepal. Demonstrators have defied the shoot on sight curfew that has been imposed for 18 hours. Now it’s extended by 7 more hours. More than 100 thousand people have come to demonstrate against the Royal regime. Police have fired on mass protest killing at least 3 and injuring hundreds. I’m quite sure things are going to change soon. The whole nation is awakening. King has ignored the people’s aspiration, so he’ll have to bear the responsibility for what’s coming next. I don’t know what he’s waiting for till now?! He shouldn’t be wasting time when he has so little left.

I’m so dying for the latest news from Nepal and these are the sources I’m relying upon (checking every few mins):

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  1. […] Democratic Protests in Nepal is getting unprecedented coverage in International media. I just noticed that Boing Boing  has a story about A Nepali photoblog site which is publishing the photos of the ongoing protest everyday. I’d mentioned about this blog in my previous entry News from Nepal . […]

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