Buddha boy

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Buddha Boy of Nepal (his name is Ram Bahadur Bomzon). If you haven’t check this BBC story or Nepali Times (the photo on the right corner looks latest and is linked to it’s source, Nepali Times, but you need to login to read the whole story). I’m very curious (of course everyone is!). A teenage boy just walks out of his home at midnight to meditate and find peace. His followers, friends and people who’ve been watching him say that he’s sitting there and meditating for more than 6 months without food and water. It just seems impossible to believe how a human can survive for such a long time without food and water. It defies all the rules that modern medicine has known. Now there’s a team of Nepalese scientists gathered to find the truth. Like everyone else I also want to know the truth but having said that deep inside me I think something phenomenal is happening here. The boy himself has never claimed that he’s a Buddha and that he’s meditating without food and water.

Whatever it is, even if he’s eating or drinking this is truly something worth noting. He’s there, out in the jungle for 6 months meditating (nobody disputes this). On Buddha’s birthday he told the people gathered that he’s not Buddha’s incarnation and his mission is to meditate for 6 years. I truly wish him success from the bottom of my heart and hope he’ll be enlightened like Buddha once did in the same land. Hopefully his efforts will bring peace and prosperity to Nepal that has been plagued by the Maoist insurgency for past 10 years. This is the country where Buddha was born and this is the country where now Ram Bahadur Bomzon is meditating in the middle of a jungle to find peace and this is the same country where King, Politicians and Maoist are fighting with each other senselessly. I hope that this little Buddha’s effort will will succeed in bringing peace to my motherland.

A VCD about the Buddha boy is circulating in Nepalese shops in Hong Kong. It’s a documentary without any topic, it’s not clear who produced it and for what reasons. The whole documentary is about 1 hour long but I found that HKNepal has uploaded some fragments of it (24 mins.) to YouTube. I’ve posted here the link from YouTube. The video is in Nepalese so, for those who don’t understand the language I’ve summarized it below:

Everyone being asked about the boy say that they believe in him.When asked a monk “What do you think?” He says this is a basic soul, we need to be considerate about. While someone is praying for the people, nation and all the living beings where as others are drowned in greed and sin, fighting and killing each other senselessly. After looking at him I think peace will come to this country. He also confirms it’s true what people are saying about the boy

A driver who’s driving that way before the boy started to meditate says he’s been watching him from the very beginning and had seen three 3 different forms of him (morning, afternoon and evening). He looks fair in the morning, faint in the afternoon and glows in the evening. He says others might doubt but I totally believe in him.

Many people simply think he’s a god.

Market has developed in middle of the jungle. Hundreds of people are making living from this and thousands of pilgrims are flocking to the site from all over Nepal as well as neighboring India.

Worshippers are queuing up to get a glimpse.

His Brother is interviewed. Who says that he’s meditating there for 5 months and 4 days. Have not eaten anything and spoken anything but got up once on Buddha’s Birthday and told everyone that he’ll meditate for 6 years. He cannot say what will happen to his brother in the future because he also possesses a human body like us. But truly believes that his brother can complete this 6 years journey.

Man who was in the scene during midnight is asked to share what he found. He says there was nobody at the scene (no worshipers or guards) and is worried about the boy who’s been meditating without food and water for so long, recommends somebody guard him during night for his safety and just in case if he asks for food or water. He says a rumor is circulating that he saw the boy in lights and wants to clarify that it’s not true. He says he just saw a dim light that was glowing where the boy was meditating and people started exaggerating that he saw flash of colorful lights all around his body which simply is not true. While the whole world is concerned about whether he eats, drinks, goes to toilet or not etc… etc.. “isn’t it enough that he’s just a teenage boy meditating in the middle of a jungle. Doesn’t it say all? what more proof do we need?” He says that he’s a materialistic man but after visiting the site he believes that the boy is meditating without food and water.

Mother was interviewed and she says, she’s just like everybody else there and don’t know what’s going on. She fainted after knowing her son has left home. The villagers found him and only after 3 days she was brought to this place. Now she feels very good and is happy. She is sure that god will help her son to complete his journey.

Most of the people are satisfied with their trip to see Buddha boy and believe that he possess some power. They ask “How can he stay for such a long time without power?”. There’s one guy who’s visited the place for 9th time.

Locals have formed a committee and the chairman says they haven’t received a single paisa (cent) from the government. When asked about the rumour that there’re lights appearing in the tree he says; he himself have seen them in 3 places. He comes to work at 6am and leaves at 6pm. He’s never seen him eating or drinking water. He’s volunteering this job and says he’s not done anything at home since started to work in the committee. He’s doing this work simply because he believes and have faith in little Buddha.

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