Some mysterious phenomena happening in Nepal is reporting that a girl in far western Nepal emits ‘glass pieces’ from forhead. A team of doctors are researching on 12-year-old girl, who has been excreting glass pieces from the side of her forehead for the last three years.

“The CT scan report indicates that she has some kind of problem in her forehead skin,” said Dr M Kiduwai who is involved in the research, “The pieces do not seem to be coming out from the bone. But we can give more details only after further investigation.”

Here are some other mysterious phenomena reported by media:

Lekhnath School girls continue to suffer from “mass hysteria” – The students shouted, cried and fell unconscious in fear uttering that they saw an enormous snake that was about to pounce on them, according to the teachers.

World’s shortest boy – 14 years old and 20-inch tall Nepali boy. He’s probably the shortest boy in the world, but to qualify for the Guinness World Records he’ll have to wait for 4 more years until he reaches 18.

Bizarre baby born in Dolakha (WARNING! you might find the images disturbing) – A neck-less baby was born with extraordinarily large eyeballs. Died within half an hour.

The Buddha Boy of Nepal – Ram Bahadur Bomjon, who meditated under a pipal tree for 10-months before he went missing on March 2006. He’s said he’ll be back after 6 years.

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