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I was just checking my stats today and analyzing the links from external pages. It was pretty interesting to see the traffic coming from different sites (although it’s not very high). The most popular article so far in my blog is Buddha Boy of Nepal . Just wanted to post an update to my readers who are following the Buddha Boy’s story. Unfortunately there is nothing new about him but I found a site that has collection of almost all the links to news and articles written about him so far.

Buddha Boy (Claims not Buddha, yet – seeking enlightenment – modesty would be first attribute): This site has collection of links to News, Blogs (including mine), Videos, Skeptical/Rational, Discussions Forums, earlier case of fasting without food and water, Negative explanations, Positive Divine/Supernatural explanations, Buddhism info and info about the boy himself. It’s a collection worth checking out.

These are the Negative and Positive Explanations given in the site:


Motives: Publicity, make money, desire for Nepalese peace due to Civil War

Burning up of clothes – need to see this video

No explanations yet

Food/Eating Explanation

1) Being given food / water (In secret stash?) at night when curtain is drawn (open again now?) and shrine closed (Possible)
2) Switcheroo – twin brother (or triplets?) – who is equally adept at sitting for long periods of time – (unlikely, would be discovered)
3) Secret intravenous tube (Would have to be buried underground)
4) Genetic / physical abnormality that permits this (Unprecedented)
5) Mannequin for part of the time (This sounds unlikely)
6) Milk like liquid from roots of tree
7) What about rainwater? Off leaves? How often does it rain there?

Hoax general:
Beware of fake news stories – especially in the day of the Internet – like the fat cat – digitally altered by Photoshop. This does not appear to fit that category.


Motives: The world is fucked up (Been like that for a long time) and getting worse

1) Frankly if I was to go into a real deep state of meditation and for a long time, I wouldn’t like to have any cameras and flashlights and crowds of strangers real close to me either. And particularly not during the night… Would you? 🙂 (comments from lonely plant forum)
2) Risk of jail time / lynching if fraud going on
3) Why 6 years? If someone wanted publicity, money, fame, etc…less than half of that would be enough. (Wheel of Life or 21 years old)
4) Sitting in the same position everyday, even if there was movement at night, is impressive (Irrespective of eating/drinking possibility)
5) Gautama Buddha – meditated only 49 days reputedly, so why the need for 6 years? This must be some serious enlightenment.
6) Age – supposed he is 15 years old, probability of being a trickster is lower I suspect, unless he is a pawn. Again, not a likely assignment to take as a “pawn.” To have enough discipline, one would think it is someone older too.
7) Cold weather – what is the temperature there?

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8 comments on “Buddha Boy: Links Collection
  1. Wayne Chen says:

    Hello. I’m the creator of the website mentioned. Thanks for your posting of the HKNepal video link. I’ve updated the page again as of this comment date. next update in a couple of months as I’m going traveling. Not to Nepal though, yet.
    (was there in March 2003) Perhaps I will go again to visit BB sometime.

    You’ll find interesting the video on making fire with internal energy.

  2. Hi Wayne,

    thanks for creating a page with comprehensive collection of links, comments and analysis on Buddha Boy. Can’t wait to see more analysis and why you’re following the story so intently.

    Good Luck on your trip.

    For my readers:
    Follow this link for latest update on Wayne’s page http://www.circusoflife.com/Main/Buddha_Boy.htm

  3. Managed Dedicated Servers says:

    There are sages who have reported to have gone months with out food and water. It’s gradual, like everything. Westerners fail to realize the power of the mind.

  4. Vivek says:

    hello niranjan..

    thanks for the great collection. IT was so pleasurable to read about Another great sage following journey from his last birth.
    thanks again!

    Is it possible for us to see the discovery documentry-the boy with divine powers? Can anyone pls upload it.

  5. Hi Vivek,

    I’m also hoping that somehow we’ll be able to watch the discovery documentary soon.

    It would be great if anyone can upload or just write about the program (in comments/email/their site) after watching it.

  6. I have just been watching the re-run of the BoY with Divine Powers – I must confess, I wasnt fully aware of this story prior to this – I’d heard something some months ago in passing, but paid no heed…

    I have been on line the last 30 minutes trying to get more news -this story is fascinating – I am full of admiration for this boy and I am in awe of his abilities – patience and calm that we all could use and learn – the brother seems to be his ligitimate guardian – and I sincerely hope that the boy fulfills his goal – Nepal needs this, we need this.

    A truly remarkable tale – I want to believe.

  7. Chris L. says:

    “5) Gautama Buddha – meditated only 49 days reputedly, so why the need for 6 years? This must be some serious enlightenment.”

    The Buddha searched for 6 years before attaining enlightenment. Could there be a similarity here?


  8. obviousdude says:

    This is the second thread on this topic i’ve seen here. i’ve posted on another thread also

    Check this site out. it is a recent article that purports that the boy has reappeared. it says that he decided to come back earlier.


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