Buddha Boy is back and starts preaching

Update: You must read the first hand account from LTJ in the comment.

Ram Bahadur Bomjan has started his public appearance from November 10 to November 18 2008. He’s given a 45 minutes long speech and is planning to talk to his devotees for few hours everyday for a week before returning to his meditation. According to LTJ, who’s been there: “his speech was about 10 minutes long. He repeated it with great self control 3 times over ad verbatim in the same voice because people were missing it”

Here’s what we know about what he said so far from different sources.

Nepal Samacharpatra writes:

Bomjan says that the level of violence and death has increased in the country because society has failed to follow the religious path. And that’s the reason for human suffering. Bomjan also claimed that he’ll bring peace to the society through his meditation.

Ram Bahadur Bomjan speaking to his followers in Hallori Jungle (photo credit: Nepal Samacharpatra)

According to a Nepali blog mero sansar (There’s a short video too):

He tried to link his life story with lord buddha’s by saying that he’s started looking for peace after witnessing a cremation of a dead body at the age of six. During his 45 minutes long talk he got stuck several times and had to whisper with his helper lama to complete the speech, which gives an impression that he’s still not ready to preach independently.

BBC is also writing about his reappearance.

Officials say that hundreds of devotees, including many from neighbouring India, trekked to see him on Tuesday.

A message from Palden Dorje (google groups, you have to be a member to view the group’s content)

Palden Dorje wants to help bring peace to the world. We have to do karma, learn to love each other, and trust in God. We have to make peace amongst each other and realize we are one. God is one all over the world.

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10 comments on “Buddha Boy is back and starts preaching
  1. LTJ says:

    Dear Niranjan,
    I am so glad that you have continued your interest in Palden Dorje…however, I think it important to point out a few discrepancies in your report, I say this because other newspapers have also mentioned them.
    When you say;
    “He’s given a 45 minutes long speech and is planning to talk to his devotees for few hours everyday for a week before returning to his meditation.”
    This is not accurate, his speech was about 10 minutes long. He repeated it with great self control 3 times over ad verbatim in the same voice because people were missing it.(His voice is flat to remain in control of his gyanendria and janindria, the elements of physical and mental activity which keep him in his present state.) His speech contains vital information which no one but himself has decided to say, and I know it to be even beyond Karmal Lama’s comprehension, who is undoubtedly the most intelligent man on the site.

    Karmal Lama was in fact called to be in the committee by Palden Dorje when he himself had no idea who Palden Dorje was. Palden Dorje had told committee members that they were to go to Kathmandu and seek out a man by the name of Karmal Lama.

    There at first was a technical difficulty with an extremely poor speaker system. So Palden Dorje asked Karmal Lama to check it for him. During the second time, one of the women in the crowd suffered from a fit of hysteria. This was odd, as the behavior of the crowd had been tolerable up to that point. In my own spiritual point of view, I would gather that there are such energies present as would wish his speech to remain unheard.

    You go on to say that “…and is planning to talk to his devotees for few hours everyday for a week before returning to his meditation.” This is not so as Palden Dorje had no intention of using his voice any more than absolutely necessary, and was simply there from eight o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the evening to bless as many people as wished to be blessed. He feels at this point that this too is vital.

    Each and every person who arrived to be blessed was profoundly in love with Palden Dorje, and he loves each, even before they are aware of his presence in their heart.

    He would sometimes twirl the kata with his dorje, sometimes carefully place it around the necks of his devotees and sometimes crumple it up and fling on the head of an insistent follower. He appeared to see deeply into the mind of each and give them such treatment as would accelerate their evolution in the fastest possible way. Each of his actions contained a lesson and a message.

    During this time, every committee member came and went at will, for lunch breaks, toilet breaks and water breaks, however, Palden Dorje never tired nor moved from his lotus position, all though he exhibited an athletic build and an artistic flare in the brandishing of his dorje, which is one of a kind, and the like cannot be found in Bauda or anywhere else. His dorje is imbued with deep symbolism which will surely be discussed at a later point in time.

    When the crowds were few enough, he was playful, unexpected, sometimes serious, sometimes looking nonchalant, and sometimes displaying a smile such as the world could not resist. When the crowds were vast, which they were in my last three days, with queues running all the way down the old river bed and well into the jungle for a kilometer or so, he would cheerfully bless all and finish everyone like clockwork. His repeated and nonstop actions would surely give any athlete carpal tunnel syndrome, but he showed not the slightest sign of slacking.

    There are rigorous checks at the gates to the compound as Palden Dorje appears to exhibit an
    “allergy” to money,leather, drugs, people who have been eating meat or drinking. This allergy takes the form of a yawning spell that can go on for several hours continuously while he utters “hai” in a radar like attempt to reconnect with the higher dimensions that support him. He shows no attempt to hide this behavior. Such a spell occurred twice in the nine days I was there. Once he with a wave of the back of his hand, he promptly dismissed two men who had been drinking from his presence. He refused to bless them. He has furthermore given strict instructions that no money is to be left near him, as money has often through circulation picked up unfortunate vibrations. He furthermore insists that no donations shall be ever forcefully taken and that his picture is never to be sold, only given away. (These injunctions is generally ignored by the young boys who peddle his picture outside the compound.)

    At one point Nepal ABC News came desiring an interview, they sneakily claimed to have permission from his elder sister Raskmari. I told them that if this were true (which I doubted as no one except family members and his two top lamas, one his old teacher and the other Karmal Lama, is allowed to direct any speech at him) they must return with her in their presence. They later managed to find Karmal Lama and return with him. They had written on a piece of paper approximately 6 questions, and Karmal Lama came with the paper.
    The committee seemed perfectly at ease as the cameras proceeded to film this encounter with Karmal Lama. Karmal Lama carefully read the questions to Palden Dorje, and I confess, it being my second day with Palden Dorje, I suspected that Karmal Lama might whisper to him appropriate answers. Not in the least. With a flip of his fingers, Palden Dorge twirled the Dorje into pencil posistion and brought it down with a thump on the notebook. “Hudaina” he said in a very authoritive voice. And in Nepali, “I do not answer political questions, and as to the remaining, I answered them in my speech. If they failed to hear the answers, then they must return on the last day and listen again. Is that clear? Now, open the next page and write down what I have just said.”
    And Karmal Lama, smiling rather abashedly proceeded to do so. I was standing directly to the side of Palden Dorje and witnessed this display of power in awe. Palden Dorje was far older than his physical age.
    I hope this account does something to dispel your doubts. Palden Dorje is vast, and he is very much in charge.
    I half-jokingly compare being in his presence to that of being in the presence of Aslan, but it is the most apt description I can think of.

    With all my best,

  2. Hi LTJ,

    I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear about your experience with Ram and I couldn’t have asked for more…. Thanks a lot! It’s just amazing to hear first hand account from you, who’s actually been there, seen and experienced everything that actually happened.

    I’m glad that you’ve pointed out the discrepancies in my post, basically it was compiled from what different news and blogs had written about him at that time. I guess they’re there just to get a quick report. Every news media was writing the same thing.

    I never had a doubt about what Ram’s doing, but was not so sure about the committee’s intention. Actually I still doubt the committee, but it’s good to know that he’s in complete control. I think that’s critical for him and his cause.

    I’ll surely go to Ratnapuri next time I go home, but not sure will be lucky like you to meet him.

    Can’t wait for more of your experience, photos, videos, etc…

    Best Regards,

  3. Avinashi says:

    yo religion n faith ko kura…garisadhdhe chhaina….

  4. Yes, you’re right about religion and faith, Avinashi! But I take Buddhism and Buddha’s teachings as a philosophy of life, not a religion. I’m totally amazed by what Ram’s been able to do, and very curious about what all this means…

  5. LTJ says:

    Dear Niranjan,
    I know your intentions very well, and again, I must express my gratitude to you! It is thanks to your perseverance and honesty that we may find out about such things!
    It has been interesting to see the effect that Palden Dorje has been having on the many people who simply hear about him, or recieve his blessing in some form. They go through something like fast forwarded karma, and then reach a point of inner peace. Truly a blessing.
    Love Truth Joy

  6. sumchansuharto says:

    He is trying to do the same thing Christians are. You are not supposed to preach too much about religions. People should follow a religion according to their own personal feelings and not because the crazy Buddha kid said so. Christian Missionaries are always trying to pull poor people in Nepal by giving them food in exchange for believing in their religion. That Bomjom should not force innocent people to believe his wild claims as well.

  7. vinodini says:

    hello sir,
    Will you be able to please tell me where the great yogi Palden Dorje is living now? Does he make any public appearances nowadays or is he planning any in future?
    I request you earnestly sir,I am a very sincere seeker of GOD and being enlightened is my only aim in life.I hope you will reply soon.
    Thank you sir.

  8. Niranjan says:

    Hi Vinodini, Palden Dorje (Dharma Sangha) currently lives in Halkoriya jungle. You’ll be able to find more information about him in following sites:

  9. Zsuzsi says:

    Dear Niranjan,

    I was one of the Google Group managers, and I remember you as member, and you must remember me from my praising articles on Buddha Boy, I was a keen devotee. I was a friend of LTJ writing above. I went to Nepal to volunteer in translating Ram Bomjon’s prayers, I did not do anything bad to him or anyone there, always praying an meditating in the jungle and not disturbing anyone. But Bomjon suddenly started to gossip me to his other devotees, that I was supposed to be a witch, and even such crazy accusations that i was attacking him or doing black magic… Obviously all those people trusted him totally (as did I!)… an so there was a gradual campaign against me, to oust me and persecute. I found shelter in a nearby village and later in a monastery. But Bomjon once lured me back to Halkhoriya by a lie, a trick, in 28 Dec 2011, and then let me kidnapped, chained to a tree, beating me daily and torturing with various means, 3months long, and at his Maitri Puja, during the chantings of prayers about Loving-Kindness and Compassion he let me raped repeatedly, and the witnesses went to tell this to Nepali TV Avenue…I did not know then that a Nepali woman, Maata Ani, a Sadhuni,also ha a similar fate that time. She was there 2 months. When my Simra friends requested much, and also media came to search for me, Bomjon had to release me. But they promised me that they would kill me (actually Bomjon and his attendants told me nearly every day that I would be killed by them). It was such a Hell I can never forget! I was so trusting, so loving an so silently humble, and he did this to me! He invented a false justification to his Sangha,that i was a witch, attacker, masani etc.. This is not a way of any Buddha, Guru or any spiritual teacher! I am a Yogini from 1987 and never did in my life any magic! But finally I learned that Bomjon already had a long list of victims behind himself, many of which he also announced witches… Is witch-hunting fitting to the 21st century? He broke my two hands and stole my laptop and other expensive property, and everyone know this in Ratanpuri and Piluwa. But he never returned, till now!

    Please return my dignity, and help the other terrorized victims too, so many! The list and the cases are described here: http://maitriyaguru.blogspot.com/?view=classic

    Also please everyone who has a human heart still, watch my confessions on YouTube, uploaded by a few Channels, namely Green Light Presentations, Dharma Dhara,Ariya Ghimire and Zsuzsi Takacs video channels, where I am desperately asking for justice, returning my stolen property, reconciliation and purifying our names,of his victims, of his false and low accusations!

  10. Yusuf says:

    I personally believe that Palden D
    orje is a World Leader in the manner of Avatars of old. All the tell-tale signs are there for those who care to observe these. May the World benefit from His visit and His Teachings! No amount of calumny, no matter how cleverly contrived, can change this fact.

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