I’ve switched to a Mac

I’ve been using PowerBook G4 as my production laptop for about a month. There had been some odd moments but overall it’s been a wonderful experience and definitely there’s no looking back. I’m glad that I’ve switched. Now my laptop boots faster, everything looks more beautiful, I can do everything I’d been doing and I know for sure it’s much more secure.

One of the leading security firm Sophos has released a Security Report, where it finds Trojans have dominated the first half of 2006. This is what they had to say:

Most interestingly, new Trojans now outweigh viruses and worms by 4:1, compared to 2:1 in the first half of 2005. In addition, the continued dominance of Windows-based threats has prompted Sophos to suggest that many home users should consider switching to Apple Macs, to shield themselves from the malware onslaught.

BBC has a story about the same report and switch advice, Threat prompt Mac switch advice, which brought a lot of attention in slashdot and backslash. I totally agree with Sophos. Specially for the home users who don’t know much about the threats that Windows PCs are exposed to. Macs are sleek, they work out of the box, they can do everything a home user needs to do and most importantly they’re much more secure than Windows. So if you’re planning to buy a new computer, you should seriously consider buying a Mac. After all if you find that OS X really sucks, which I can guarantee will not. You can still install windows in intel Macs.

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  1. mp says:

    Congratulations!! I have been using an iBook for a year now and I have had absolutely no problems at all. In the same period, I have had to reinstall the windows XP on my Windows-running laptop 3 times!!!! Like you said, for an average computer user, its far easier and cheaper in the long run to use Mac than Windows. However, I cannot get rid of my Windows laptop completely as I cannot run Windows XP on my iBook G4…and there are some programs I use for my work that are not available on Mac 🙁

  2. Thanks Mahesh. Yes, I agree that there are many professional applications only available for Windows, hopefully this will change with the release of Leopard. There’re rumors that it either runs windows applications natively or will have a built in virtualization. I’ve switched my main laptop to Mac but I’m still using windows @work/home desktop. But now I’ve freed my windows laptop to experiment with Vista and Ubuntu 🙂

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  1. […] I’ve switched to a Mac and it took quite some time for me to find an ideal password management tool. Of course OS X  has an excellent KeyChain Access for password and other confidential information management. Also there are some third party softwares, but most of them are good for personal usage only (by single user). Previously at work we’re using Anypassword in windows for password management. What I needed was a similar tool that stores passwords in an encrypted file (database), so that multiple admins can view/edit it from different platforms (at least from Mac and Windows). In search of this perfect program I’ve tried many password managers available for OS X. So, here they are; some good for single user and some good for system admins, among them I found one perfectly fit for me. […]

  2. […] After switching to Mac, my Samsung notebook with Windows Xp has been free, so I decided to test dual booting Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux in this laptop. The downloading, burning cd/dvd and installation was easy and straight forward. Only special thing I had to do was to modify the menu.lst file in Ubuntu. This is how I did it: […]

  3. […] I’ve switched to a Mac last year. I’m glad that I did it, and there’s no looking back now. I think security is the main reason MS Windows will never be my primary machine again. To be specific it’s virus/malware/spyware. And the main reason I’ll never give up my Mac as a primary machine is because it’s much more stable, secure and cool. Although, Ubuntu might change that someday. Lets see… […]

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