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Bill Gates on Letterman Show and Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality

You have to watch them, both are classic stuff…

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Ethereal on Mac OS X

With perfect password manager, I thought I had the complete set of tools in my Mac for getting things done. But today I realized, I’d overlooked ethereal. I use it sometimes and it’s a gem without which it would be

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Display Video Images Into Thin Air

This is a new technology called Heliodisplay images that requires no screens, monitors or other physical surfaces to be able to project and display its images. Very cool, straight out of Star Wars but it costs $ 20,000 at this

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Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu

After switching to Mac, my Samsung notebook with Windows Xp has been free, so I decided to test dual booting Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux in this laptop. The downloading, burning cd/dvd and installation was easy and straight forward. Only

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Password Managers for OS X

I’ve switched to a Mac and it took quite some time for me to find an ideal password management tool. Of course OS X has an excellent KeyChain Access for password and other confidential information management. Also there are some

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MacBook or CookBook?

Apple MacBook and MacBook Pros are so hot that the owners have figured an undocumented use of these laptops. Now they’ve started to use them for frying eggs and bacons, and of course the bonus point is keeping the coffee

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Revealed: The disgusting abuse that sparked Zidane’s fury

With the help of lip-reader expert the Daily Mail have deciphered the vile stream of racial and personal abuse by Marco Materazzi, which led to the violent outburst of Zidane. First Marco Matterazzi called the French star the Italian equivalent

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Zidane wins Golden Ball despite headbutting Marco Materazzi

Zidane wins the Golden Ball despite headbutting Italian player Marco Materazzi. I cheered for France yesterday and am a big fan of Zidane, but still think what he did was inexcusable and deserved a red card. I’d been thinking about

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JAJAH – a new way to make free and cheap calls

I’m using SkypeOut to call my family and friends for quite some time because it’s cheap, convenient and recently the voice quality got better. But I think I found a better alternative, it’s called JAJAH,  a new Internet Telephony service

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How can human race survive the next hundred years?

Stephen Hawking, the famous British astrophysicist and best-selling author is asking How can human race survive the next hundred years? He asks: In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another

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