Buddha Boy Lost and Found?

After 10 months of meditation Ram Bahadur Bomjon has mysteriously gone missing. CNN is reporting a team of police is dispatched to search him in the jungles of Bara. His photo above is taken from CNN which appears to be a new one. His hair has grown longer and is covering up to his nose. The gown should be a new one (the old one was apparently burnt by the fire erupting from his body).

Kantipur Online is reporting that the boy has been found near his meditating site. Now the story is changed to ‘Buddha boy’ Bomjon abandons meditation site (see the Update at the end of this story)

State-run Nepal Television earlier Saturday reported that whether Bomjom himself abandoned his mediation or somebody forcefully took him way was not clear.

Nepal News is saying Little Buddha “reported missing”

Ram Lama, member secretary of the committee that manages hundreds of devotees who visit the Ratnapuri to have “darshan” of the young boy, said he did not have any idea where Bomjan may have left. He, however, dismissed reports saying that Bomjan may have been abducted.

“He has left along with one of his colleagues. He must have gone in search of a quieter place,” radio reports quoted Lama as saying.

NewslineNepal.com is also saying “Little Buddha” Goes Missing from Meditating site in West Nepal

I think he’s just gone for a walk or in search for a quieter place. What do you think?


Kantipur Online (eKantipur.com) has changed the story from Meditating boy Bomjon lost, Found to ‘Buddha boy’ Bomjon abandons meditation site. So, it’s unclear whether the boy is still missing or has been found. The older story of eKantipur.com is not available online but I’ve the screen capture.

Other News sources on Buddha Boy’s disappearance:
Reuters: Nepal’s mystery “Buddha” boy goes missing
The Times of India: Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’ vanishes
UWB: Where is the Buddha Boy?

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9 comments on “Buddha Boy Lost and Found?
  1. Atukorale says:

    Please ensure that the phrase “Reincarnation of the Buddha” as Gautama Buddha has attained the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana which is no return. i.e. Lord Buddha has reached a stage where no more births are there for him. So, please, do not use the phrase “Reincarnation of the Buddha”

  2. Niranjan Kunwar says:

    Ram Bahadur Bomjon himself has said that he’s not the “Reincarnation of Buddha”. I personally don’t think he is the incarnation of Buddha too. But I think he can be an enlightened one, which makes him a Buddha (from my understanding of Buddhism). As for the use of this phrase, I guess people want to believe in miracles and reporters want to create some sensation. So, I think you’ll see this phrase quite a lot around (maybe more in other blogs and news than in mine). I understand what you mean by no more births for him.

  3. Goran Ambrosic says:

    Anyone who has any kind of spiritual experience (meditation, pray, fasting, refuse having negative thaugths, …) can try to read these articles or think about or somehow feel the so called “Buddha boy” and will feel somewhere in one’s soul that there is some peace when feeling him.
    So, be somehow with him and support him by giving him the energy the way as he does to you if yout try to feel him.
    Simply support him in his journey.

  4. Managed Dedicated Servers says:

    Thanks Goran!

  5. rume says:

    reincarnation of buddah, doesnt sound bad. its bringing the people together through their beliefs so why shouldnt it be used. he probably abandoned the meditation or just went for a walk. if he has been found, good, atleast we know the tiger didnt eat him.

  6. shankar says:

    what is he doing now what is the saying ofscientist beyond him

  7. Nyss says:

    Whats the white grey thing on his head?

  8. ram lama says:

    happy new yaer 2o1o ram lama

  9. bulkyo says:

    it’s so hard to sit in one place for 30mins without movements, one thing for sure,is it’s above human level,don’t need to even mention the science since thats what human created,there r so many things that human can’t see,”rume” watch that tiger may b beside you,

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