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Network Administrator’s Resignation Letter

Most probably the funniest resignation letter you’ll ever read. I laughed so loud that everybody was staring at me in office. Enjoy the World’s Best Resignation Letter You wander around the building all day, shiftlessly seeking fault in others. You

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Google’s new interface

Everyone is talking about the new interface that Google is testing. So, I decided to try and can confirm that it’s true. If you want to try for yourself follow this blog’s instruction. This is what I did: Just Download

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Google mistakenly deletes it’s own blog!

Google blog was unavailable for a short time few days ago and this is what happened: We’ve determined the cause of tonight’s outage. The blog was mistakenly deleted by us (d’oh!) which allowed the blog address to be temporarily claimed

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DNS Amplification Attack

Recently a new type of DNS attack have been discovered. Attackers are exploiting the recursive name servers to amplify the DDoS attacks by utilizing IP spoofing. If you want to know the very details of how this attack works then

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DVD stuck and MacBook Pro opened

A dvd disk got stuck inside the optical drive of MacBook Pro and couldn’t be ejected. I tried to eject it from WinXp, without success. Pressed F12 and Eject button in OSX but the disk wouldn’t come out. The drive

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Samba 4 Technology Preview 2 released

Samba 4 Technology Preview 2 is released today. Technology Preview 1 was released on January. Samba is an open source software that allows Unix/Linux system to serve as a file and print server in Windows network. The main feature in

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I regularly check to see if there’re any updates on video driver for MacBook Pro but from yesterday the site is down. Today morning when I came back to office the site is still not responding. I Googled and

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10 steps to a better IT support process

If you’re working in IT Support for few years then most probably you’re already following similar steps. Geeks are Sexy have an excellent article 10 steps to a better IT support process. It’s refreshing and should be helpful to novice

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Sendmail Remote Signal Handling Vulnerability

A serious flaw has been found in Sendmail that could allow an attacker to take control of the SMTP server running vulnerable version of the software. A remote attacker could send malicious data at certain time intervals, which can corrupt

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Windows Vista delays again

Windows Vista that was supposed to hit the market on Dec 2006 is delayed to Jan 2007. A Microsoft press release says: Microsoft Corp. today confirmed that Windows Vista, the next generation of the Windows client operating system, is on

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