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After struggling almost for a week to find an appropriate domain name for my site I realized how difficult it is to register a name that you want. Finally I settled down with (Nir=Niranjan & log=weblog) after trying many different crazy combinations. Then had to decide which blog software to use. For most of the people there are quite a lot of choices available e.g they can choose from many of the hosted services or apply for some web hosting package and install the software. But I had only one choice because I wanted to have absolutely 100% control of everything. The server, the software and the content.

After settling with the domain and server I did a small research comparing WordPress and Movable Type, without any doubt WordPress was the winner (easy installation, quick posting without any rebuild, better control of comments and spam, easy to understand code for those who know php, plugins, themes and free of charge). The installation of WordPress in fact took me less than 5 minutes, it’s amazingly easy and fast. I spent some time just reading the WordPress Docs , they’ve excellent collection of documents, tutorials, faqs, themes, plugins and developer guidelines. I was lazy to make my own theme (there are so many excellent themes already available), I’m using the Clasikue theme with little customization. I’ve also added several options to subscribe to my blog (Google, Yahoo, Newsgator and MSN). After this basically I was ready to roll. Final thing I wanted to have was a good blogging client software on my desktop. After reading the comparison of Desktop Blogging Clients, where the author compares BlogJet, ecto, Qumana, w.Bloggar and Thingamablog. I installed w.Bloggar for it has almost all the features as the commercial ones. I’m still testing it though. For this first post however I used Writely. It’s a web based word processor with a cool feature called Blog (Post the document to my blog). That’s about it for my first post and stay tuned more is coming soon…

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5 comments on “First Post
  1. w.bloggar lacks the major feature available in commercial blog clients, such as BlogJet 😉 – WYSIWYG editor.

  2. Oh, and welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Niranjan says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. You’re the very first to comment in my blog. I understand what you mean about WYSIWYG editor but for me it’s not the major concern and also I don’t like the extra tags this feature creates in an entry.

  4. Tim says:

    Oh!! it ‘s great to hear that you ‘ve got the bloglog.
    I will keep seeing and expect any amazing features and news here ^^!!

  5. Tamtaks says:

    I love your blog site.
    I think of getting my own!

    (“,) Elen

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  1. […] I remember having a hard time finding an appropriate domain name for this site when I started blogging. Today, I decided to check if there were any leftover domain names for me to nab. All the .com, .net and .org domains with my name were already taken. So, I tried my family name, and was lucky to find free. I’ve registered it and forwarded the domains and to this site. Maybe in the future I can provide a sub-domain to each and every member of my family . Also found free, and nabbed that too. […]

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