Victim of global economic downturn

Yup, I became a victim of global credit crunch last week. Our CTO and VP for finance politely explained that the company didn’t meet it’s target last quarter and it’s nowhere near meeting it this quarter too. So, several jobs will be cut and mine was one of them. I think more than 30% of the IT team was made redundant.

Watching news about the economic downturn, global credit crunch and job cuts is one thing but experiencing it firsthand is a different matter altogether.

How does it feel?

Awful, I felt something swirling in my stomach 🙂 I can tell you it wasn’t a pleasant experience to be on this side of the table (it used to be other way round). Anyway, there’s first time for everything. It felt awful for a while, but the fact that this redundancy had nothing to do with my personal performance, and I had no control over it provided me some consolation. I was over with it pretty soon. I didn’t see it coming though and was caught with a surprise after enjoying my Dashain holidays…

After all it’s just a business decision for the company. I believe that whatever happens, happens for good. So, hopefully ShipServ will be able to weather out this storm. As for myself and other affected colleagues at ShipServ there might be something good waiting for us.

Its slightly painful now (you know you start thinking… oh my god how am I going to pay my rent, bills, food, blah blah…) but I’m absolutely positive that something good will come out of this. Lets see…

BTW, Cnet has an excellent list of 14 things to do if you are laid off from a tech job

Looking at the brighter side… I’m excited about new opportunities and have attended few interviews, which look promising. Also, it’s a good news for prospective employers; thanks to the credit crunch there’s one more very talented and experienced network, security and infrastructure engineer available on the job market 😉

Anyone interested?

Grab my CV here.

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My Shocking Story – The Boy with Divine Powers – Full on Dailymotion (5 parts)

Wayne has uploaded the whole discovery channel documentary “My Shocking Story – The Boy with Divine Powers” to YouTube Dailymotion in 5 parts. Thanks Wayne!

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Buddha Boy Bio and Latest News

Some updates on Buddha boy…

The official site of Ram Bahadur Bomjan has his biography for quite some time with some very interesting photos, including his underground meditation pit.

Lively and very special group of people discuss about Ram, his meditation, life and spirituality on Ram Bomjon – Palden Dorje, Google Groups, you should become a member to have a first-hand news about Buddha Boy. Recently there’s been a news that Ram has changed his robe to white and is giving a public audience in two months. This might mean he has come to realize the ultimate truth (Emptiness) and maybe is ready to teach…?

Here’re excerpts from the discovery channel documentary:

48 hours of continuous observation and Ram isn’t moving

Buddha Boy Secret techniques

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Busy running a rat race

Some of my friends have been asking me why aren’t any updates here. I don’t feel good about leaving this blog unattended for so long, but frankly didn’t have time and energy to keep up with it. Now I have decided not to feel guilty because this was just meant for fun anyway. So, this blog will go with the flow of my life, without any stress… 😉 Things have changed slightly. Mainly the time. I’m pretty busy running a rat race, like most of the people, work, home, work…. Weekends are good time to get in touch with reality and re-charge your battery. I try to devote the weekends to my family.

On personal account, life is pretty good, trying to climb a property ladder, probably good (or bad) time for first-time buyers… On professional side, enjoying the challenges at ShipServ, grateful for the opportunity to serve and learn… My son is having a good time (very little homework and lot of play). My wife is quite worried about the teenage stabbing, drugs and alcohol abuse

The weather was very good last week. It was warm and sunny for the whole week! That’s something to celebrate here, English weather is so unpredictable… you can truly see 4 seasons in one day.

Here are few moments I’ve captured from my life in UK…

April snow, my wife and son enjoying their first encounter…

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All iPhone goodness…

Apple has finally announced the long awaited SDK for iPhone. Looking at the amazing games and enterprise softwares that third party were able to develop in just two weeks I’m convinced that iPhone will be an excellent gaming machine as well as a hit enterprise handheld device. The next release of iPhone firmware version 2.0 due to be released in June will have native Exchange support, Cisco IPSec VPN, remote wipe capabilities, WPA2, and many more…

Here’s a nice iPhone SDK comparison chart by engadget.


Another good news for iPhone users in UK is that BBC has launched iPlayer video on demand service for the iPhone and iPod touch. I just watched the BBC News on my iPhone and it’s just awesome!


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What Do Computers tell us about God?

What Do Computers tell us about God?: A reflection of a Computer Scientist…


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Pink Floyd’s “Oh By The Way”

Pink Floyd has released a box set of all their classic 14 studio albums to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary. It’s called “Oh By The Way”. Their official web site has a flash ad page for it and it’s a must visit. This is the best web ad I’ve ever seen in the internet, it’s just breath taking, and as stunning as their music!

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GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 8

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner is a very easy to use yet powerful commercial Network vulnerability scanning, patch management and auditing tool. If you have a small network with few computers then it’s easy to keep track of the softwares installed and do the patching manually, but for larger networks it would be a nightmare to do everything manually. This is where tools like GFI LANguard NSS come in to help network/system admins. GFI LANguard NSS makes use of the vulnerability check databases based on OVAL and SANS Top 20, providing over 15,000 vulnerability assessments when your network is scanned. It is one of the best commercial network security scanner and patch management tool available.

I’ve installed and tested it in my WinXP SP2 running on my MacBook Pro Vmware Fusion, and this is what I found.


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Orange is the worst ISP in UK?

I don’t know about other ISPs in UK but I can tell you that Orange is the worst I’ve encountered. I’ve been without the internet at home for 23 days. The broadband stopped working from 23rd of December 2007 (for unknown reasons) until yesterday, but I still don’t know what was the problem. I’ve made more than 10 calls to it’s customer support and they’re clueless about the cause of outage. The call gets redirected to it’s support center in India and the support staff absolutely have no idea about the problem. Every time you call them they’ll tell the same thing: “The case has been escalated and will be solved within 5 working days” and they’ll ask you to follow the Livebox (wireless router) reset procedure. It’s probably one of the worst customer service… no followups, no idea about the problem and the service goes on and off like magic. They sign you up for a 18 to 24 month contract and once you’re hooked who cares…

I’ll probably never join Orange again!

Thanks to the iPhone, I was able to keep up with the personal emails and relatively decent web browsing.

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Happy New Year 2008

2007 has been an exciting year for me. I moved to a new place, changed jobs and am enjoying new environment, new culture and new opportunities… I’ve made some new friends and the life seems wonderful. I’m very content with what year 2007 has given me, and am looking forward to more challenges, fun, love, peace and spiritual development in 2008.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers, friends and family a VERY HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2008!


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