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IIS gaining web server market

Netcraft’s June 2006 Web Server Survey finds that Internet’s growth was strongest last month due to the explosion of blogs and free web sites. Also, IIS is continually gaining web server market share from Apache.

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Hardware requirements for Windows Vista

Microsoft has announced the hardware requirements for it’s new operating system Windows Vista set to be released on Jan 2007. They’ve launched the Get Ready web site to help users choose the right hardware. The requirement are divided into 2

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With Boot Camp Macs do Windows, too

Apple has released a software called Boot Camp to allow Intel Mac users to let dual boot between Windows XP and Mac OSX. The software is in public beta and doesn’t come with official support but I think this is

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How not to be a fish to phishers

It’s very difficult to stay safe online today without understanding the security jargons. Phishing is one of the most popular techniques used by criminals to fool the users (even quite experienced ones) in giving in their personal information. Phishing –

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Samba 4 Technology Preview 2 released

Samba 4 Technology Preview 2 is released today. Technology Preview 1 was released on January. Samba is an open source software that allows Unix/Linux system to serve as a file and print server in Windows network. The main feature in

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I regularly check to see if there’re any updates on video driver for MacBook Pro but from yesterday the site is down. Today morning when I came back to office the site is still not responding. I Googled and

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Sendmail Remote Signal Handling Vulnerability

A serious flaw has been found in Sendmail that could allow an attacker to take control of the SMTP server running vulnerable version of the software. A remote attacker could send malicious data at certain time intervals, which can corrupt

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Windows Vista delays again

Windows Vista that was supposed to hit the market on Dec 2006 is delayed to Jan 2007. A Microsoft press release says: Microsoft Corp. today confirmed that Windows Vista, the next generation of the Windows client operating system, is on

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What’s next for the Intel Macs?

After installing Windows XP in MacBook Pro and having received tons of comments and emails from the readers I’m just wondering what’s next? For users, for Apple and for Microsoft. Being able to dual or even tri-boot intel Macs (actually

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Web Traffic increased 70 times

I was awestruck by the increase of traffic in my blog after posting WinXP and OSX dual boot in MacBook Pro. I did expect some extra traffic, but didn’t have a clue that it would be this huge. It’s great

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