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How To Install Windows7 in Mac with Vmware Fusion

I downloaded Windows7 beta on the first day of it’s public release, but didn’t get around trying it. Finally I got a chance to install it today. The installation was smooth and straight forward. This is how I installed Windows

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GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 8

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner is a very easy to use yet powerful commercial Network vulnerability scanning, patch management and auditing tool. If you have a small network with few computers then it’s easy to keep track of the softwares

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Table Computer — Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has released a table shaped, multi-touch sensitive computer called the Surface. It looks cool and more than one person can interact with the content through touch and gesture, without the use of a mouse or keyboard. This 30-inch table

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Gates vs Jobs

It’s an iWorld… and this is iHouse, without Windows!

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Going mobile

I switched from Microsoft to Apple on desktop, but on mobile I’m jumping (trying) from Palm to Microsoft. I’ve bought a Dopod 720w, which runs windows mobile 5 smartphone edition. It’s gorgeous and slim, with bright screen, Wi-Fi, Edge, Gprs,

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OpenVPN Implementation

This guide describes how to install and configure the OpenVPN Server in Linux and clients in Windows XP and Mac OSX. There are many advanced features in OpenVPN and if you’re interested in those advanced stuff, there’s a more detailed

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Sharing a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

I’m using Synergy to share a single keyboard and mouse between my Mac, Windows and Linux machines. It’s a very useful software I’ve been using for quite some time. There’s a very detailed HOWTO at Engadget, if you want to

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Bill Gates on Letterman Show and Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality

You have to watch them, both are classic stuff…

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Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu

After switching to Mac, my Samsung notebook with Windows Xp has been free, so I decided to test dual booting Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux in this laptop. The downloading, burning cd/dvd and installation was easy and straight forward. Only

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I’ve switched to a Mac

I’ve been using PowerBook G4 as my production laptop for about a month. There had been some odd moments but overall it’s been a wonderful experience and definitely there’s no looking back. I’m glad that I’ve switched. Now my laptop

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