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The Email Problem and Solutions

Today it’s impossible to think business and personal communications without email. Sending and receiving emails costs you and me nothing. It’s free! The zero cost (for users), the efficiency of delivery, and ease of use has made it so popular.

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Going mobile

I switched from Microsoft to Apple on desktop, but on mobile I’m jumping (trying) from Palm to Microsoft. I’ve bought a Dopod 720w, which runs windows mobile 5 smartphone edition. It’s gorgeous and slim, with bright screen, Wi-Fi, Edge, Gprs,

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Secure, Easy and Cheap VPN: OpenVPN

I’ve used IPSec, PPTP and SSL VPNs for quite some time and found them to have their own strengths and weaknesses. IPSec is secure but too complicated, with too many options for implementation and configuration. PPTP is easy to use

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OS X Applications for System and Network Administrators

I’m very happy with my Mac and I think there’s no turning back now. The elegance, simplicity, stability and security of OS X can never be compared with Windows. I still have a Windows pc and a notebook with some

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Firewall Analyzer

Firewalls have become an integral part of all corporate networks. They’re the first line of defense against attacks from outside network (Internet) and also the point of control to make sure internal users (employees) are using the Internet as they’re

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Password Managers for OS X

I’ve switched to a Mac and it took quite some time for me to find an ideal password management tool. Of course OS X has an excellent KeyChain Access for password and other confidential information management. Also there are some

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I’ve switched to a Mac

I’ve been using PowerBook G4 as my production laptop for about a month. There had been some odd moments but overall it’s been a wonderful experience and definitely there’s no looking back. I’m glad that I’ve switched. Now my laptop

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Workplace IT Security & Communications Solutions for Today’s Business

Today I attended a seminar called Workplace IT Security & Communications Solutions for Today’s Business organized by one of our technology partner. It was an interesting event where several networking vendors presented about the IT Security Technology and the latest

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Buddha, Buddhism and it’s myths

This bas relief depicts Maya Devi with her right hand holding on to a sal tree with a newborn child standing upright on a lotus petal, shedding an oval halo, around his head. During my recent visit to Po Lin

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OneStep DVD is really one step

I think Apple keeps things simple, yet powerful and effective. I was pleasantly surprised with iDVD. The Magic iDVD is very easy to use and yet lets you create a very professional DVDs with few clicks. The most amazing experience

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