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Happy New Year 2064

I was greeted with several New Year SMS Greetings early this morning. Nepali New Year provides a nice opportunity to connect with friends and relatives while away from home. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of

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Buddha Boy meditating in pit

When I read the news about Bomjan’s plan to start the ‘patal samadhi’ (underground meditation), it appeared to me that he’ll go under the trench and they’ll literally bury him alive. I was very worried about his safety and wished

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Buddha boy plans live burial

Ram Bahadur Bomjoan, the Buddha Boy is back in the news with reports that he plans to be buried alive while meditating. Bomjan now plans to begin ‘patal samadhi’ (underground meditation), a private TV channel reported Monday, quoting a local

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Buddha Boy goes missing again

Update 13 March 2007: He’s been found safe and is meditating in a new place. All Headline News is reporting that the Buddha Boy (Ram Bahadur Bomjan) has gone missing again after he re-appeared in December last year on Christmas

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Path to Enlightenment

I’ve seen many buddhist monks in Swyambhu and Bouddha taking three and half steps forward, then prostrate flat on the road while chanting mantras, and making several rounds around the stupas. But a monk from Tibet, Sherab Gyalsten has taken

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Video of Buddha Boy talking to Journalists

I found this footage from French TV, in YouTube, where Buddha Boy is talking to journalists after his reappearance. I can’t hear what he’s saying in Nepalese due to the French dub. A translation would be most welcome.

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39 policemen guarding Buddha Boy

UWB has posted this latest photo of the Buddha Boy. Currently 39 policemen are guarding him from 9am to 5pm. Also they’re reporting that the number of followers coming to see him has reduced. Less visitors means less disturbance! I

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Buddha Boy reappears

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, popularly known as Buddha Boy, who disapperead in March this year has been spotted near a dense forest in Pathlaiya nijgadh, on Sunday night. Local hunters, who had been out hunting in the jungle spotted Bomjon first.

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What do you think about Buddha Boy?

UWB has posted a recently taken photo of Ram’s mother and sister in No News of Buddha boy but the life goes on… A significant number of users land in my blog searching for the keywords “buddha boy”, “meditating boy”,

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Images from Hindu Temples

I wanted to upload these photos for a long time and now finally after a long procrastination I’ve managed to post them. Enjoy… Bindabashini Temple, Pokhara. A young priest in Shiva Temple. It was an amazing and peaceful experience to

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