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Is the Internet Security failing?

Security Absurdity: The Complete, Unquestionable, And Total Failure of Information Security. Noam Eppel writes how the Internet security is failing and what can be done about it. He compares the current state of security industry with a boiling frog: They

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Free Hugs

It’s an amazing experiment. I was touched by it, this just demonstrates what a difference one single human being can make.

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Some mysterious phenomena happening in Nepal is reporting that a girl in far western Nepal emits ‘glass pieces’ from forhead. A team of doctors are researching on 12-year-old girl, who has been excreting glass pieces from the side of her forehead for the last three

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How people become experts?

Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters show that anyone can become expert in almost anything. It indicates that experts are made, not born. But how do the experts in these various subjects acquire their extraordinary skills? How much

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The TCP/IP Guide

The TCP/IP Guide is the most comprehensive and easy to understand TCP/IP reference material available online. The 1600+ pages long guide is also available as a print book at amazon. This is absolutely one of the most useful resources for

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What the Terrorists Want

Bruce Schneier has an excellent article on What the Terrorists Want and how we should be fighting them. I’d like everyone to take a deep breath and listen for a minute. The point of terrorism is to cause terror, sometimes

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Amazon Astore

Amazon’s new Astore allows you to create your own Online Store. It’s new Associates product, very easy to setup, allows you to create your store in few minutes by choosing any products that Amazon has to offer. You can link

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10 Ways to Exercise the mind

Allen suggests that mind is like a muscle and weakens if you don’t exercise it regularly. He offers very simple 10 ways to exercise our mind. Regularly solve puzzles Play a musical instrument Paint, sketch or draw. Learn a new

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Test your Internet Speed

SPEEDTEST.NET is a very interesting online tool that allows you to test your Internet Connection Speed, both download and upload. You can choose to test your Internet speed against servers located in different cities in US, Europe or Australia.

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Live-Share — Online file hosting and sharing service

Live-Share is a simple, fast and free file hosting and sharing service. I just got registered, it works well with firefox (doesn’t work with safari). Anonymous users are given 300MB and registered users get 500MB of free storage. It’s really

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