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Ethereal on Mac OS X

With perfect password manager, I thought I had the complete set of tools in my Mac for getting things done. But today I realized, I’d overlooked ethereal. I use it sometimes and it’s a gem without which it would be

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Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu

After switching to Mac, my Samsung notebook with Windows Xp has been free, so I decided to test dual booting Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux in this laptop. The downloading, burning cd/dvd and installation was easy and straight forward. Only

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Basic Linux Networking

After installing a linux server and playing with the basic command lines, the first thing we should be able to do is configure our network, without which of course there is no Internet. Most of the latest linux distributions ship

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Watch the World Cup Live Online – PPStream

In Hong Kong you can watch the world cup only if you’ve subscribed to Cable TV. They’ve signed an expensive and exclusive contract with FIFA some 4 years ago. Unfortunately me and many of my friends were not aware of

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Getting Started with Linux Commands

Ubuntu , SUSE , RedHat , Xandros and Linspire are doing a great job with Linux Desktop. But they’ve a long way to go, with more than 90% of Windows and around 5% of Apple only a small bite is

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Linux software mirroring with Grub

I’m in Guangzhou, China today to reinstall one of our Linux SMTP Server. I’ve installed CentOS 3.x with software mirroring. It’s pretty straight forward to make the Linux Software Raid partition during the installation but by default the system will

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How not to be a fish to phishers

It’s very difficult to stay safe online today without understanding the security jargons. Phishing is one of the most popular techniques used by criminals to fool the users (even quite experienced ones) in giving in their personal information. Phishing –

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DNS Amplification Attack

Recently a new type of DNS attack have been discovered. Attackers are exploiting the recursive name servers to amplify the DDoS attacks by utilizing IP spoofing. If you want to know the very details of how this attack works then

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DVD stuck and MacBook Pro opened

A dvd disk got stuck inside the optical drive of MacBook Pro and couldn’t be ejected. I tried to eject it from WinXp, without success. Pressed F12 and Eject button in OSX but the disk wouldn’t come out. The drive

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10 steps to a better IT support process

If you’re working in IT Support for few years then most probably you’re already following similar steps. Geeks are Sexy have an excellent article 10 steps to a better IT support process. It’s refreshing and should be helpful to novice

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