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Shame on the Hong Kong police who shot an unarmed homeless Nepali man

I felt very sad and angry after hearing this news… A Hong Kong police constable shot dead an unarmed homeless Nepali man. A life was lost unnecessarily. Why? Because a policeman couldn’t subdue a single suspect with pepper spray and

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Year of the Pig

The year of the pig has arrived and is considered lucky to bear children. As always Hong Kong is very very colorful, with new year decoration and greetings everywhere. There was a grand fireworks display yesterday at victoria harbor. The

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Roger Waters – Dark Side of the Moon in Hong Kong

I’m a huge fan of Pink Floyd and proudly own all of their albums. It was a dream come true for me to be at the Roger Waters concert yesterday at HKCEE. He’s currently touring the world, with the Pink

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Happy New Year 2007

The year 2006 was a great one for me. I’ve had good time blogging and learned a lot too. 2007 has arrived, and I’ve started working on the concept of a new blog. Most of the things are finalized and

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Taiwanese quake disrupts Internet access

The earthquakes that shook Taiwan yesterday, killed 2 when a building collapsed, and injured at least 40. The quake also damaged undersea cables that disrupted Telecommunications and Internet connections around Asia. When I went to office this morning, after 3

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Hong Kong Disneyland

I went to HK Disneyland last weekend with my family. My son was very excited to meet and take photos with his favorite Goofy, Buzz, Tigger, Mickey, Mini and many more. It was a fun place to be, but also

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Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday was sunny, very hot, but clear and beautiful day in Hong Kong. We went to Lantau Island with our son where his school organized a Treasure Island fun day. He had a great time with activities like cooking for

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Watch the World Cup Live Online – PPStream

In Hong Kong you can watch the world cup only if you’ve subscribed to Cable TV. They’ve signed an expensive and exclusive contract with FIFA some 4 years ago. Unfortunately me and many of my friends were not aware of

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Dragon Boat Festival

It’s an official holiday here in Hong Kong today for Dragon Boat festival, also known as Tuen Ng Festival. The main attraction of the festival is the fierce dragon boats racing. We woke up early this morning and headed to

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Workplace IT Security & Communications Solutions for Today’s Business

Today I attended a seminar called Workplace IT Security & Communications Solutions for Today’s Business organized by one of our technology partner. It was an interesting event where several networking vendors presented about the IT Security Technology and the latest

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