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The Email Problem and Solutions

Today it’s impossible to think business and personal communications without email. Sending and receiving emails costs you and me nothing. It’s free! The zero cost (for users), the efficiency of delivery, and ease of use has made it so popular.

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The 12 steps to cure e-mail addiction

It has changed the way we communicate and do business, with it’s ease of use, price (free for end users), and effectiveness, e-mail has taken our productivity to a whole new level. But there’s a darker side to it. Now

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Email is 35

Email has just turned 35 and it’s very difficult to imagine working without the emails today. Here are few interesting links to Email and it’s history. IT programmer Ray Tomlinson sent the first message in late 1971. The test messages

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Google Apps for Your Domain

Google Apps for Your Domain is a new free service from Google that includes Gmail (with your own domain name) with 2 gigabytes of storage, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Page Creator. I’ve just signed up for this service to

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How not to be a fish to phishers

It’s very difficult to stay safe online today without understanding the security jargons. Phishing is one of the most popular techniques used by criminals to fool the users (even quite experienced ones) in giving in their personal information. Phishing –

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Sendmail Remote Signal Handling Vulnerability

A serious flaw has been found in Sendmail that could allow an attacker to take control of the SMTP server running vulnerable version of the software. A remote attacker could send malicious data at certain time intervals, which can corrupt

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Astaro Security Gateway: Integrated Security Solution

One of our customer was interested in a security solution that was tightly integrated, easy to manage and cost effective. After researching for a while I found that Astaro Security Gateway software (formerly Astaro Security Linux) was one of the

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E-mail Server Installation Checklist

I have to install email servers every now and then. Sometimes customers need a new email server, sometimes it’s scheduled upgrade or replacement of the old server and sometimes it’s because of failures. In carrying out these installations the procedure

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HowTO Send and Receive Email Without an Email Client

There can be situations where we need to send and receive emails without having an access to the email clients. For network and system admins using command line can be a very useful technique. We can troubleshoot the email problems

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Secure and out-of-the-box Server/Gateway

If your are a network or system administrator of a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) then you’ll have to do a lot of things that go beyond the call of your duty. You need to find systems, softwares and tools,

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