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ZFS To Become Default File System In Leopard

Macrumors noted, Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz announcing that Apple would be making ZFS the default filesystem in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. That’s a great news. So, welcome pooled storage and bye-bye volumes! ZFS stands for Zettabyte File System and was

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Gmail on your Mac desktop

MailPlane is a Gmail cient for Mac OS X. I’ve been using it for few weeks, and must say that I’m really loving it. Yesterday it was updated to 1.46, this latest version supports multiple Gmail accounts. Now I can

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Unboxing of AppleTV

I was lucky to get my hand on the AppleTV early enough. I’ve taken some photos, enjoy… Click on the photo for larger image.

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Which is the better value: MacBook or MacBook Pro?

I’m planning to buy a new laptop (MacBook or MacBook Pro) after the Leopard is released, and have been wondering which one of the new apple laptops provide a better value. Here is a nice break down of different components

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Gates vs Jobs

It’s an iWorld… and this is iHouse, without Windows!

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Steve Jobs’s Thoughts on Music and DRM

In an open letter, Apple CEO Steve Jobs urges the recording companies to abandon DRM (Digital Rights Management) technologies. This is quite surprising to everyone because Apple, with it’s ipod and selling songs (with DRM) from iTunes store is clearly

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Apple announces iPhone

Like everyone else I’ve been following the wild iPhone rumors from a long time, and was really happy to see it happen today. Can’t wait to get my hands on it, although they’ll be releasing it in Asia only on

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OpenVPN Implementation

This guide describes how to install and configure the OpenVPN Server in Linux and clients in Windows XP and Mac OSX. There are many advanced features in OpenVPN and if you’re interested in those advanced stuff, there’s a more detailed

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OS X Applications for System and Network Administrators

I’m very happy with my Mac and I think there’s no turning back now. The elegance, simplicity, stability and security of OS X can never be compared with Windows. I still have a Windows pc and a notebook with some

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Sharing a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

I’m using Synergy to share a single keyboard and mouse between my Mac, Windows and Linux machines. It’s a very useful software I’ve been using for quite some time. There’s a very detailed HOWTO at Engadget, if you want to

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