Meeting Buddha Boy

I was driving to Dover on M25 when my phone rang, it was my wife, she told me that our passports have just arrived. God… I was so relieved, as if a ton weight was put down from my shoulder. Our passports were stuck in the UK Home Office for last one year, for reasons I fail to comprehend. Backlog, was their explanation. I think this horror experience with Home Office deserves a separate post.

I quickly sorted out my holiday at work and bought the tickets to Nepal. I haven’t been back home for last 4 years. We were excited about meeting our parents and relatives. After few days of marathon shopping and packing we were ready to fly. I had made up my mind a long time ago to visit Ram Bomjan (Buddha Boy) during my next trip to Nepal. My friend LTJ from Buddha Boy Google group helped me to get in touch with right people in Nepal who would finally take me to the tapasvi.

When we arrived in Nepal, the first thing I noticed was the chaotic traffic in Kathmandu, god… nobody follows the rule. After staying in Kathmandu for 2 days with my in-laws we drove to Pokhara, my home town, along the dangerous hilly highway, with breathtaking views. I missed these mountains, green fields and rivers so much.

From Pokhara, I called Uman Waiba, who’s also a Buddha Boy google group member. He assured me that he’ll let the committee members and Jas Waiba (Waiba Uncle) know about my desire to visit Ram. He asked me to enjoy my trip, visit my relatives and give him a call when I arrive back in Kathmandu. I requested him to come with me if he had time and he agreed. I can’t thank Uman enough for his help and kindness.

I was planning to go alone because I was warned by Uman that accommodation, food, etc… won’t be perfect, after all it was a village. I told him not to worry, and that I was ready to accept things as they were. Basically I was planning to go there without any expectations, I just wanted to be there in Ram’s presence, and no special treatment was necessary for me. But they really treated me well and I felt very much welcomed. When my 9 year old son knew that I was going to meet Buddha Boy, he wanted to go with me too. He promised me that he won’t complain about long bumpy drive, hot weather, uncomfortable bed to sleep or maybe not his favorite food to eat, etc… etc… I’ve to admit, I’ve never seen my son so well behaved in my entire life. This was sort of a miracle for me 🙂

Before setting out for the journey, I decided to take a driver instead of taking the wheel myself, which turned out to be a very wise decision. The road was very rough and dangerous. One simple mistake could kill you, literally. Half of the road was mountainous, single lane used for two-way traffic, we had to reverse our car in several places to give way because two vehicles simply would’t fit. It was extremely dangerous!

Rough road to Hetauda via Dakshinkali

First Meditation Site

We arrived at Bara in the afternoon, Waiba uncle had already set out for the jungle in the morning with other committee members. Uman told me that there was an important meeting going on between Guruji and committee members about the future role of the committee and Dharma hall project. We set our plan to visit Ram’s first meditation site in Ratnapuri jungle and his village today, then go Halkhoria jungle next day to see him.

After leaving the main highway, we entered the jungle, it was a rough path, graveled and still to be leveled by the dozer. We could see few people on foot, bicycle and motorcycles. The jungle was quite dense. We finally arrived at the first meditation site, where Ram meditated non-stop for 10 months. That’s when he attracted curious onlookers, skeptics, worshipers and the international media. That’s when discovery channel made the documentary, The boy with divine powers, and concluded:

“After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive.”

We walked pass the external wired fence and came to another gated fence surrounding the pipal tree. Committee members believe that he’s gained a lot of siddhis (magical powers) under this tree and is of great significance. It was hot and humid, I could hear the insects, birds and more closely mosquitoes flying around me, but I stood there sweating, in silence, and looked at the tree, the place where he sat for 10 months. I closed my eyes for few minutes, when I opened, I saw my son standing still beside me with his hands together. It felt very peaceful.

First meditation spot in Ratnapuri jungle.

From the first meditation tree it was around 20 minutes walk to the Dharma hall site, where foundation was already laid. Uman explained the difficulties with funding, and other challenges in building the dharma hall. He told me that it was Guruji’s wish to start his teaching from this place. I looked around, it’s in the middle of nowhere, but everything felt right and it seemed like a perfect place to leave the world behind and start anew.

Dharma hall foundation.

Meeting Ram’s mother

After driving through the jungle and crossing a very difficult river we came to a village, but we were lost. We stopped and asked several villagers way to Ram’s house, later it became apparent that the car won’t go to his village. It was getting late, so we decided to return. On our way back, we met the committee members. Had a chat with them and took some photos. As we were proceeding, we saw Ram’s elder brother, Gangajeet coming towards us on a motorbike, with two kids sitting behind. We stopped, Uman introduced us and told him that we lost our way while trying to go to his house. “It’s just 10 minutes away, come on follow me”, he said. I thought, wow… we’re very lucky. We followed his bike for 5 minutes, but after crossing a river our car couldn’t go any further. Gangajeet offered to give us a lift on his bike from there. He took me and my son to his house while everyone else waited in the car.

We were lost, a lady showing us the way to Ram’s village.

We met committee members on the way.

Following Gangajeet to his house.

As soon as I saw his house I recognized it, I’d seen it in photos and documentaries. Gangajeet took us upstairs, it was a dark room with a sofa and few photos. His mum was not at home, so he asked his kids to go and find her. In the meantime he showed me the room where Ram was born. They’ve turned it into a shrine, it felt like being inside a temple. I had a long chat with Gangajeet, he told me about Ram’s childhood and how he entered the jungle to meditate. I asked him how he finds being an elder brother of Ram. He replied:

“For Guruji, there’s no family or relatives, I don’t get any special treatments for being his brother. He doesn’t discriminate anyone based on caste, gender or religion. Everyone is equal for him.”

As we were chatting, Ram’s mother entered. I introduced myself and my son to her, told her that I’ve come a long way to meet him. She was a very hospitable, offered to make a tea, I thanked her and said my friends were waiting on the other side of the river, so will have to leave in few minutes. I asked if she’s ever talked with Ram after he entered the jungle. She said:

“No, whenever I’m there loads of other people are there too, so I just look at him and bow. I don’t know what to say.”

But she’s certain that her son is there in the jungle to liberate the whole world and she’s already come to terms that Ram is more than just her son.

Ram’s birth house.

Ram’s room.

Maya Devi, Ram’s mother.

Gangajeet, Ram’s older brother with his mother.

On our way back, we meet Raju Shah, committee secretary, his bike ran out of petrol, so we gave him a lift. He told us that committee was dissolved yesterday and a new one will be formed within one week. He said:

“I’ve been volunteering at the committee because I know Guruji is not fake, otherwise who would want to waste five years?”

I asked Raju if Guruji eats anything at all. He replied:

“In last five years I’ve not seen Guruji eat or request for food with anyone.”

He told us about his many encounters with Guruji. In one occasion when he asked “Guruji what should we do to provide you more security?”. Ram replied, “Nothing can touch me, you don’t need to worry about my security, you take care of your own well-being that should be enough!”

When I asked if he’s witnessed any miracles from Ram. He said “There’re many people who’ve witnessed countless miracles, but I’ve personally seen Guruji’s body in fire, he was in fire for around 1 hour, 7 minutes and we’ve the full video of it”. A short video of Ram in fire is available online .

We didn’t realize how 20 minutes passed. Raju Shah gave us the first hand account of Ram as he knows and why he’s been following him. After dropping Raju on the way we went to Waiba uncle’s house. I found Waiba uncle very friendly, we talked about Ram, new committee, dharma hall and many other things. We struck chord easily, like me he loves technology, gadgets and he’s a spiritual man too 🙂 He arranged a hotel for us in a nearby town called Simra, we agreed to meet the next day at 8 in the morning, and go to the jungle.

Meeting Ram

It was raining heavily outside when we woke up, we decided to wait for a while until the rain settled down. We were going in a tractor, the concern was that the river might be too big during the rain for the tractor to cross. Finally the rain slowed and we set out for the jungle at around 10. I was told that 10 am was a good time because you might encounter wild elephant herds at 8 to 9 am. It was a very bumpy ride along the river and into the jungle.

On our way to Halkhoria to meet Ram.

Outer fence, 13km in radius.

The meditation site is fenced in three layers. The outer layer is of around 13 km in radius, second one of around 3 km and a final one of around 300 m. After entering the second fence we got off the tractor, I could see one cemented structure and two small huts, one of which was a kitchen. I was introduced to three ladies, one of them was Ram’s elder sister, they were very nice and welcoming. We were told that after meeting Guruji we’ll be served with special Nepali dhido and wild niuro. After chatting with them for a while we entered deep into the jungle and came across the last fence, we took our shoes off and walked bare foot then on. I looked at my son, to my amazement he wasn’t complaining. We kept on walking and could see the huge pipal tree and the chorten (built on top of the bunker where Ram did his underground meditation for 3 months), we went from the left side, I could see Ram from the side, sitting and meditating under the tree. It felt so surreal. Slowly we walked around and came in front. I could see him wrapped on a white cloth, sitting in lotus posture with his eyes closed. Waiba uncle approached him, that’s when he opened his eyes and put his hands on Waiba uncle’s head to bless him. Waiba uncle told him that I was there for his darshan. He looked towards us, our eyes met and I sort of told him yes, it’s me, with a namaste and nod.


Dhido and wild niuro, it’s was delicious.

Inner fence, we walked bare foot from there.


That’s how he’s been sitting for last five years.

I approached him after Waiba uncle came back, bowed at him, he touched my head, then I raised and introduced myself. I told him that I’ve been following him since he started his meditation in 2005. I’d always wanted to meet him and being there, in his presence was such an honour. He looked at me and nodded knowingly but didn’t say anything. Then I called my son forward, I told him that my son fought the bumpy road, heat, jungle and mosquitoes to see him. At this point Ram gave a huge smile and I could see all of his teeth. We got back after this and everyone else received his blessing one-by-one. After everyone was done, I asked Waiba uncle if I could ask few questions to Guruji. “You’ll have to get the permission directly from him, go and ask”, he said.


I approached towards Ram again, this time with an intention to ask some questions. I asked if it was ok for me to ask him few questions. He looked at me, nodded approvingly and said “Huncha”, which means OK. This is how our conversation went.

Me: You’ve left the worldly life, and you’ve been meditating in the jungle for so long. Why are you doing this? What is it that you want to achieve?
Ram: I want to liberate the whole world by spreading dharma and insight I’ve gained through my meditation.

Me: Are you already enlightened?
Ram: Yes, I am. I’m already enlightened.

Me: So, you’ve already become a Buddha?
Ram: That I can’t tell you now. Time will reveal, you’ll come to know about this later.

Me: When will you start to give your teachings?
Ram: Very soon, the time is coming close.

Me: What is your core teaching?
Ram: I can’t tell you now but this will be revealed very soon at the right time.

Me: Is your teaching based on Buddhism or any other religions like Hinduism?
Ram: The religion is actually called Bodhis dharma, but it includes all religions, no one is excluded. I’ll be moving forward by including all existing religions of the world.

Me: Do you plan to keep your teachings within Nepal or spread it around the world?
Ram: The teachings will start from here but time will show how far it spreads.

Me: Do you know about your well wishers who live abroad but cannot come to meet you?
Ram: It’s up to them to come or not but there is no problem for my well wishers to come and visit me with pure heart. They’re always welcome.

I had many things in mind earlier but being there in front of him brought a strange kind of stillness in me, I forgot all the questions that I’d initially planned to ask. Everything I just asked came to my mouth as if someone put it in there for me, none of them were planned. While I stood in front of him, I had to constantly waive the mosquitoes away but I didn’t see any of them trying to land on him, he was there calmly sitting and talking to me, no sign of mosquito bites. I was told that the mosquitoes and the wild animals don’t do anything to him. It felt strange and nice to be around him, I had goose bumps, and felt like some sort of energy was pulling everything towards the tree.

Answering my question on religion, I thought by saying “Bodhis dharma” he meant Buddhism, but Uncle Waiba explained later:

“It’s not Buddhism what he meant, but a new religion altogether and it’s not practiced anywhere, as of yet. Guruji will explain his teachings and meditation techniques to the khenpo who’ll come to the jungle next week, which will then become a book.”

Ram is also directing a painter on-site to paint different gods and gurus from whom he received the teachings during his five years of meditation.

“These are gods which nobody in this world has seen before. Guruji will be known by a new name soon”, Waiba uncle went on, “His parents named him Ram, then his guru named him Palden Dorje, and now the gods from whom he received teachings have named him Dharma Sangha. He’ll be known as Dharma Sangha from now on.”

I returned back to Kathmandu, then to London and have been telling my family and friends about this amazing journey. I thought now I’ll share with everyone 🙂 I’m still trying to digest all I’ve seen, heard and felt, but one thing is for sure, Ram is one of the greatest tapasvis this world has seen and I’ve a feeling that he might be more than a tapasvi. I think we’re living in a very interesting time. He’s already given few speeches, but the good news is that his core teaching should be out soon, but you have to remember what he says:

“I am only showing you the way; you must seek it on your own.”

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31 comments on “Meeting Buddha Boy
  1. Kalyana says:

    Anumodana, my friend. What a great opportunity u can meet in the eye and talk with Palden Dorje.
    May all of us experience this ultimate truth. May all people be free from misery. May they enjoy real peace, real harmony, real happiness.
    May all beings be happy. Saddhu Saddhu Saddhu

  2. Dearest Brother Kunor it is so great you have wrote all the history of you have been to visit his Dharma sangha guruji.I just miss you to see here in KTM because at that time I was sick. any way that is my karma that i have no chance to see you. But I am really please to see and read the so warm and sweet history of your visit and compuchetion with his Dharma sangha Guru ji. Dear brothers and sisters in the world Now I really hope every one the Bodhisattva Brothers and sisters can thing haw in portent to helps to build Dharma hall very soon. so I really hope it will really haven very soon near future. I really lucking for word this haven from all of you dear Dharma Sangha Family. deep bows N.D.Tamang and family

  3. Dawa ji, Hope you’re doing well. I’m sure we’ll be able to meet next time around. It was a great honor and unforgettable experience to be in Dharma Sangha’s presence.

  4. TJ says:

    Finally you met Buddha boy!
    Great! Let me know your exact feeling when we meet in future!

  5. Good to have you here Toji san 🙂

    It was an amazing experience to meet him and talk to him! Sure, we’ll talk more about this when we meet in the future.

  6. Om Mao Ojeda says:

    This must have been a great experience for you. Languages are a great barrier in the world, and so you will be asked to help in the knowledge of the new religion.
    No doubt that you have been sent with that task in your life. You will be one in a million which can help with this meaninful movement.
    Thanks for being so explicit with the journey and details. The food picture is very expresive and show the real world which are the conditions there, also I am sure there is no need for much more.
    when the time has come, you will help other people to understand this new religion.

  7. Thanks for yours photos n views abt lord buddha
    u can find some photos @

    pralad s timalsina

  8. Matsuko says:

    Wow, he’s really cute XD Definitely does not look like someone who has spent the last 5 years without food or water. I read elsewhere there is a man who spent 70 years doing what this guy is doing? It’s really interesting, though. Can’t wait to hear more about this guy later on, he’s only a little bit older than me!

  9. Susan says:


    I spoke to you a long time ago now when Dharma Sangha first appeared and am so impressed and excited that you made the trip to see him.

    Congratulations on your dedication and reward.

    Your little boy is very impressive too… to deal with such a journey. And lucky to have a Dad who would take him to see such an important being.



  10. simrit says:

    Dear Niranjan
    please help me to contact the people who helped you to meet Guruji as I want to go and have his blessings. And my two little children are eager to meet him too.

    Love and light

  11. Ted says:

    Amazing journey and very impressive article!

  12. P.J. says:

    Thank you so much for your kind information and relevant pictures!
    Please keep us informed about the Dharma Sangha Guruji time to time in the days to come.

    SADHU..SADHU..SADHU(Excellent,excellent,and excellent event!)
    AHAM ANUMODAMI(I appreciate in recognition).

    May all sentient beings be happy,
    Prof. P.J. of Thailand.

  13. debbie says:

    what a beautiful and explicit write up you have done. pls. join as a sangha and let us spread the message of Guru Dharma Sangha far and wide.

  14. “Bodhi’s Dharma” or “Dharma of Bodhi” is simply the universal and undiluted function of awakening awareness. All the major faiths peruse a similar (and compatible) matrix of three, four, eight and twelve conscious permutations as the means of ascension; and it’ll be a delight to see Dharma Sangha’s illuminated take on the subject. Embracing the heart of each system is the obvious step forward to take. Thank you for sharing the news!

  15. SolarEye says:

    I only read this now, such a beautiful journey you had. Sambodhi Dharma Sangha is more then just a teacher. As a friend said, through him Pureland is on our plane.

  16. deshan says:

    I am deshan prasad from srilanka.Now live in UK.In sri lanka we have pure buddha darma at the moment.And also there are arhath theros.any one don’t know about that Because some srilankan monks take people wrong way.They not allow to spread real darmaya.becouse real buddha darmaya is diffrent.It is same like buddha boy’s path.
    I read your article and I also like to visit nepal to see buddha boy.I think you like to do meditation to find out real thruth of our life
    I can explain,why Buddha boy not tell to you any thing about his path and darmaya.Becouse I am also doing same meditation.My teacher and buddha boy teacher is same.I think buddha boy now going forward to nirwanaya.But I am still in basic step.I am also doing same meditation from 2005.But not continually.that’s why I could went through path also buddha,darma,sangha.If you interested to do meditation or you like to find out real truth of the world let me know. BUDDHUSARANAY

  17. janaka says:

    the theory of Buddhas are value for future too

  18. Blood of the Lamb says:

    Knowing God and doing His commandments is the Greatest thing in our lives to achieve. To know about life, remember this commandments “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”

  19. Ron says:

    I am so joyful to have stumbled across your website. Thank you for sharing your journey and experience with Dharma Sangha. I hope to meet him one day. Peace!

  20. Noy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about your special experience with Dharma Sangha. I hope I will be blessed to be up close to him as well. My huband and I are planning to show our kids a divine during this Christmas holidays. If you don’t mind helping a stranger. Could you share with me a contact person/s in Nepal, whom might be able to take us to D. Sangha’s location.
    Thank younsommuch in advance and look frwd hearing from you.

  21. niranjan says:

    I don’t have the latest contact, but you can look at this link there’s a phone number and email address. You can also know about the latest status and ask questions in Dharma Sangha Google group:!forum/maha-sambodhi-dharma-sangha-

  22. Noy says:

    Dear Niranjan-
    Thank you for your time in replying to my request. I will look into these links.

    Take care

  23. Zsuzsi says:

    How painful is to see that the truth had been concealed by the propaganda and silencing machinery of the Sangha – the very Sangha I myself was part of till 2011, as a Google Group manager, volunteer translator reporter from Nepal for GG, and humble loving devotee. Then I was suddenly exclaimed by Ram Bomjon a witch and he let me chained to a tree for 3 whole months, broke my hands, let me beaten nearly daily, he himself beating me with a stick to blood, and during the Maitri Puja 2012 he let me raped by Darshan Subba Limbu (Jyampa Foonchok), whom he rawarded for this act by making him a lama! This world is upside-down! And I was not alone, a Nepali lady devotee whom we can still see in blessing program videos, Maata Ani, was also tied, tortured and humiliated. At the order of Bomjon they not only cut our hair (as you can see in the Avenue TV documentary , but also dirtied by excrements and did many terrible things. Can you imagine how painful it is to hear from the mouth of your beloved guru that he is going to kill you? How painful it is to hear back from your previous friends for whom you were praying, that you are a “witch”, that you had “attacked” the beloved guru, that you are a “disturber of his meditation”? Please people, open your eyes: if such cruelty, starting with Anil’s case in 2007, and still not ending (latest violent attacks to blood described on DC Nepal Live, happened on Sep 2014)… I was so much praising him on Google Group, you can still find those article and poems I was writing for him! I was praying for his safety, support, health, I was offering every piece of food for him before eating… I was so shy that I did not even look into his face ever, and as you see in the videos, i was nearly always in the back rows! Where did his and his Sangha’s unprecedented cruelty, discrimination and hatred come from?? And it is not just my own pain: dozens of people he had similarly attacked tortured and humiliated publicly… Why? He never explained anything, there is no reason for evilness, my friends are telling me. He cannot give explanation, because for darkness there was never a reason to harm, hurt, cause bleeding wound, broken bones, sexual defilement…I wish you all once learn the full truth! Please do not let him continue to attack, harm, let raped, chained, witch-hunt anyone anymore! It was a hell…Please watch and shear my videos like this one about Bomjon’s witch-hunting :, and the Himalayan Times articles, Ekantipur articles, the truth!

  24. Ariane says:

    Hi, He said that there will be a book. What is the name of the book?? I will really appreciate someone’s reply. Thank you

  25. Alexander says:

    There are secrets that they choose to keep for themselves.
    Exactly what do your web visitors question you about when you
    talk about your online business. This might mean swallowing a
    little pride, but it could help when it comes to such things
    as rent, food and childcare.

  26. u4fifa says:

    To hell with that bitch!

  27. DeAnna says:

    Whether he did or didn’t hurt someone I like you to know that once God has given gifts, those gifts will always remain. He is a man. All men make mistakes. Have you tried praying for him and yourself as well Zsuzsi?

  28. The light of Asia says:

    Religious person don’t rape their disciple or devotees. Sexually abuse and taking advantage of female devotees is against the teachings of the Buddha. Its a cult not a religion. You shall reap what you sow. It’s karma. It is something evil. God didn’t teach you to torture,rape, kidnap and confined a devotee for a few weeks or months is beyond comprehension or compassion. When you plant sour mangoes, don’t expect sweet mangoes to grow. You claim yourself to be holy? or a Buddha? Holy people don’t do that. Why should people pray to you when you have evil motives and intention?

  29. The light of Asia says:

    DeAnna, what are you taking about? What gifts had god given him? To rape and sexually, mentally, and physically abuse a woman? Is that a holy act? beating women, tying to a tree, breaking her bones and bleeding? Even animals don’t do that. You call that compassion? and its not just one person, many others too. You call him a holy and an enlightened man? Why should you pray to an evil person? He is suppose to be the head of the group and he is doing heinous crime against humanity. In the arms of the law, if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, he should be charged for assault and battery, rape, physical abuse, torture and wrongful confinement. He is a disgrace to the holy order of the Lord Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha and make Buddhism look bad,with ridicule and contempt.

  30. Muhammad Ali says:

    I am really moved by seeing a photo of RAM. It feels as if i know him. Love like a brother has drawn me towards him.

    I would like to meet him.
    Anyone who can show me how, please get in touch with me on 07912859311.

    One Love to all. Peace

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