Wordpress-Logo-Stacked-Bg-1Finally, I’ve upgraded my wordpress installation to latest and greatest 2.8.4. I’m impressed with the latest version of wordpress. The admin section is sleek, intuitive and has several new features. I like the cool single-click auto upgrade feature.

For my RSS readers – wanted to let you know that Nirlog.com just got a facelift as well. I’ve changed my theme to Simple Balance 2.2, it’s a free theme loaded with pro features. I just love it. After testing around 20+ themes I settled for Simple Balance. It has a very clean look, options to choose different colors, supports widgets and has a built-in banner ads management system. It’s just perfect! Thanks Blogsessive for making such a nice theme and giving it for free. I’ve also tweaked the ads placement (hopefully this will give a better reading experience for those who read directly on the site). I’m displaying my last 5 tweets using a twitter widget, which is kinda cool. BTW, you can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/nirlog

I’ve also moved my domain nirlog.com and this blog to hostmonster (affiliate link). They seem to have quite nice reviews and was recommended by my friend Mahesh. It’s pretty cheap too. One of the most important feature for me was the SSH access, which they have. So far so good, let’s see how it goes…

I would like to thank ISL (my previous employer in Hong Kong) for hosting my blog for free for such a long time :)

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