Unboxing Nikon D90

After getting myself into Amazon marketplace mess, finally my newly ordered D90 has arrived.

D90 is the very first DSLR to do HD video. I’ve taken few pictures and video with it and I’m impressed. The crisp quality pictures you get when you hook it up with your HD TV using hdmi connection is just breathtaking! I’ve bought few photography books and am reading all about ISOs, whitebalance, lenses, Aperture, Shutter speed, etc…

I’ve taken some pictures of my D90, enjoy…

Click on the photo for larger image.






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4 comments on “Unboxing Nikon D90
  1. mahesh says:

    congratulations on going DSLR :) – looks very nice…look forward to seeing pictures taken by it now!

  2. Thanks Mahesh. Sure, I’ll be posting more pictures taken by it – I’m currently learning and practicing. BTW, your photos are stunning! Did you take any photography course or taught yourself? Any tips for the beginner :) ?

  3. mahesh says:

    I taught myself, lots of trials and errors (even in the days of films 😛 ) – I guess the first lesson to learn is to learn how to hold the camera so as to minimise shaking :)

    More technical stuffs, it seems you are already reading/learning. But practising is the best way to learn. So just take lots and lots of pictures, plus you will have more reason to once the baby comes 😛

  4. Thanks for those tips. After taking few pictures I realized the importance of holding the camera right :) You’re right, once the baby arrives I’ll be taking loads of pictures :)

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