Busy running a rat race

Some of my friends have been asking me why aren’t any updates here. I don’t feel good about leaving this blog unattended for so long, but frankly didn’t have time and energy to keep up with it. Now I have decided not to feel guilty because this was just meant for fun anyway. So, this blog will go with the flow of my life, without any stress… 😉 Things have changed slightly. Mainly the time. I’m pretty busy running a rat race, like most of the people, work, home, work…. Weekends are good time to get in touch with reality and re-charge your battery. I try to devote the weekends to my family.

On personal account, life is pretty good, trying to climb a property ladder, probably good (or bad) time for first-time buyers… On professional side, enjoying the challenges at ShipServ, grateful for the opportunity to serve and learn… My son is having a good time (very little homework and lot of play). My wife is quite worried about the teenage stabbing, drugs and alcohol abuse

The weather was very good last week. It was warm and sunny for the whole week! That’s something to celebrate here, English weather is so unpredictable… you can truly see 4 seasons in one day.

Here are few moments I’ve captured from my life in UK…

April snow, my wife and son enjoying their first encounter…

Bird’s eye view of London from London Eye. It’s 135 metres above London, and is the world’s tallest observation wheel.

London Marathon. It was quite an experience seeing 37 thousand people running for good causes.
At British Museum, mummification: wrapping the body…

Huge pelican at London Zoo. My son enjoyed a close encounter with different animals.

Yum… roasted ducks in China Town.

People enjoying the rare sunshine in May.

Beautiful tree in Greenwich Park…
Me in front of the National Gallery.

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7 comments on “Busy running a rat race
  1. mahesh says:

    Hi Niranjan, good to see an update after long. Seems like you are adapting to life in London well 🙂
    Completely agree about the weather, probably why I am beginning to prefer my life in Africa (am going back to Ghana next week – staying over at my sister’s in London overnight before catching flight from Heathrow). Sorry for not being able to get in touch when I was in London at the end of last year – may be we’ll finally catch up when I come back from Africa later this year.

    Enjoy the summer!


  2. Hi Mahesh, thanks for the comment. It feels good to be back and to have you here.

    I’m slowly adapting to life in London. Weather is the only thing that turns me off.

    It would be great to get to talk/meet you when you’re back from Africa.

    Enjoy the sunshine in Africa!

  3. TJ says:

    Hi Niranjan,
    Good to hear you live a full life in UK!!
    I am enjoynig your photos.
    Hope see another entry when you have enough time for blog.

    See you !!!

  4. Good to have you here Toji san! I’ll surely post updates, because this blog has become a part of my life now…

  5. Bharat says:

    Hell Dai Namaste !

    Its been long due, your blog. You’d not updated it for so long, I’d stopped checking in 🙂

    Happy to learn you are doing great there. Please keep up and wish me the same :))



  6. Hi Bharat, Namaste!

    I believe everything’s well with you. Thanks for stopping by. I’m trying to keep up and wish you the same 🙂


  7. Jazlyn says:

    4JpzO8 Good point. I hadn’t thugoht about it quite that way. 🙂

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