Orange is the worst ISP in UK?

I don’t know about other ISPs in UK but I can tell you that Orange is the worst I’ve encountered. I’ve been without the internet at home for 23 days. The broadband stopped working from 23rd of December 2007 (for unknown reasons) until yesterday, but I still don’t know what was the problem. I’ve made more than 10 calls to it’s customer support and they’re clueless about the cause of outage. The call gets redirected to it’s support center in India and the support staff absolutely have no idea about the problem. Every time you call them they’ll tell the same thing: “The case has been escalated and will be solved within 5 working days” and they’ll ask you to follow the Livebox (wireless router) reset procedure. It’s probably one of the worst customer service… no followups, no idea about the problem and the service goes on and off like magic. They sign you up for a 18 to 24 month contract and once you’re hooked who cares…

I’ll probably never join Orange again!

Thanks to the iPhone, I was able to keep up with the personal emails and relatively decent web browsing.

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3 comments on “Orange is the worst ISP in UK?
  1. Happy new year! How are things?

    23 days is not that bad.

    I used to have cable connection with Telewest which was acquired by NTL. That was a real horror story:

  2. Sameer says:

    I like your site, and regularly check it. Oh that is the reason for late updating. Ani ni dai Is there wireless internet is available or not? Here in Singapore all over island wise wireless internet is freely available.

  3. Happy New Year Stef! Everything’s excellent with me and hope you’re doing well too. I wish I had a neighbour like yours :)

    I guess because of the price war most ISPs have compromised their customer service, but that shouldn’t be an excuse…

    Sameer, thanks for stopping by.
    You need to find careless neighbours to enjoy free wireless in UK :)

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