UK Life Starts…

It’s been quiet here for some time because I’ve been busy lately, moving to UK. Actually I’m already in the UK (arrived here on Aug 10), living with my relatives at Aldershot (which is a small town, an hour drive from London). It’s very cold out here, although it’s supposed to be summer, you hardly see the sun, and it rains with cool breeze most of the time.

My son is enjoying the new place (eagerly waiting for it to snow), my wife finds it very quiet and peaceful (she misses the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong). Initially I was busy looking for a job (applying and responding to calls), the good news is that I’ve already found a job and started working from last week.

I’ve started working as a System Administrator at a company called Covestor, which is in Central London. I’ll be looking after their Linux Systems, Security and Network. It’s a startup company with a new idea to democratize the investment management industry and help proven self-investors around the world compete with the large institutions.

A real-trade sharing service for proven self-investors. To share your real investment decisions, gain recognition and earn fees by helping others

At Covestor they’ve built an unique system and technically there’re many challenges. I’m sure it’ll be fun working with them, where I can add value and learn. Other cool thing about Covestor is that they’ve a small group of really dedicated, smart, and truly multinational team at work. People from US, UK, Colombia, Russia, Lithuania, Italy and India are working together. It’s a great opportunity for me to be joining this team.

Currently, I’m looking for a house close to London and also a school for my son. I’m still getting used to the new place and new life. There’re many things to be done so, this blog might be quiet for some time but don’t go away once things are settled I’ll be blogging regularly.

Stopped at London Bridge to take a photo after my interview at Covestor.

This is the house where I’m living with my relatives. It takes around one and half hours to reach work from here, they drop/pick me up from the train station at Ash Vale everyday (It’s 5 mins. drive).

I take a train to London Waterloo from Ash Vale, which takes around 45 mins

From London Waterloo I change to underground Tube to Bond Street (it takes around 10mins)

Oxford Street. It’s 5 minutes walk from here to my work.

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12 comments on “UK Life Starts…
  1. mp says:

    Niranjan, congratulations on the job. Good to hear your updates from the UK. Very best of luck with work, and with house hunt! Cheers,

  2. bhupen says:

    You go nir. you have one heck of a life full of everything. That’s a great shot there of London.

    Go far, see many places, and do when the time comes right, do something great for Nepal and Make all Nepalese Proud.

    You are one heck of a Tech Guru! All Wishes!

  3. Thanks, Mahesh! Everything is going well but not much luck with the house hunt. Tomorrow I’ve one appointment to view a flat. Hopefully it’ll not be taken by somebody today and I’ll like it.

    Thanks for the compliment, Buhpen! I’m really flattered. I also plan and hope to do something for Nepal when the time is right.

  4. TJ says:

    Hi Niranjan,
    Good to hear and see your face!
    Hope everything go smooth.

  5. bobby says:

    I’m happy to hear that you doing well in UK.

  6. Ma Ma says:

    So happy to see you on photo. I hope that you will find the new & nice house soon. Beside working, show us other view at U.K.

  7. TJ says:

    Hi Niranjan,
    I finally success to unlock my iPhone.
    Please look at my site!

  8. Hi Toji san, Bobby san and Ma Ma,
    good to see you all here. Everything’s going smooth, but currently I’ve a pretty tight time schedule because of the commute time to work. Once I find a house closer to London I think I’ll have more time to see around the UK and chat with you all.

    Toji san, Congratulations on your successful iPhone unlock! I just can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  9. Lindsay says:

    Hi there, and welcome to the UK.
    I have been reading your blog for a little while now because I have been trying to keep up with events of Ram Bomjon (without wanting to be obsessive or intrusive into his activities). It warms the heart to hear of such beauty somewhere in the world, and makes for a nice read.

    Anyway, yeah we have had a particularly bad summer this year. Very wet and cold. But the attitude to take is
    There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes :O)

    Anyway keep smiling and I hope you enjoy your new job.

    Kindest regards,


  10. Hi Lindsay, thanks for the warm welcome. I’m slowly exploring London and so far I find it very nice. I need to get used to the weather and probably need to choose the right clothes. But still… I see everyone going out in half T-shirts, but I’m feeling cold with a sweater on :).

    Like you, I’m also trying to keep up with Bomjon and post things I find from different sources in my blog.

  11. Kurodo Kawamura says:

    hey Niranjan!

    I see that your life there in UK is going pretty good and I’m glad to see that. Hope you’re having the time of your life and have things settled the way you want. Blessings to you and your family, and thank you again for the help you’ve given me during the summer. Anyway, have a great one!

    Kurodo Kawamura

  12. Hi Kurodo,

    good to see you back. Yeah, things are moving smoothly and I’m having a good time here in London. Thanks for the kind words and blessings. It was my pleasure to be able to help you in summer. Hope everything’s well with you.


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