Buddha Boy starts preaching

Yes, that’s true! Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the Buddha Boy has started preaching. I thought that will happen somewhere around 2012 because he said he’ll meditate for 6 more years in 2006. Anyway, in his first ever direct message to more than three thousand people gathered in the Hallori Jungle in Bara district of southern Nepal, he said: “The only way we can save this nation is through religion”. Not sure what to make of his first public message. Hopefully full transcript, audio or video of his address will appear soon.
There’s few more details at UWB, with 2 photos from the address, you can see he has a long hair and is wrapped in maroon robe.

Ram Bahadur Bomjom Preaching1

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One comment on “Buddha Boy starts preaching
  1. Wayne Chen says:

    whoops..left a comment on the wrong blog.

    the plot thickens….going to add a link to your blog on my website.

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