The Journey Continues…

I remember being admitted to a boarding school when I was in class 6 (around 12 years old). From that time I’ve been living away from home (most of the time). Trying to make new homes, a home away from home…, In 1990 I left my home town Pokhara to join Amrit Science College in Kathmandu. In 1992 I left my country, and flew to Russia, where I completed my higher education and lived for 6 years. I came back to Nepal in 1998, and started my IT career. Came to Hong Kong in 1999, where I have been living with my wife and son since then.

Hong Kong has been a special place for me both in personal and professional aspect. Personally, my married life started together with my wife here, my son was born here, I’ve made many friends, and overall I find Hong Kong very friendly and peaceful place to live (except the buildings are too tall and your living apartments are too small). Professionally, I had an opportunity to work in a very interesting company (Japanese), where I grew up to become an IT System, Networking and Security Professional. I obtained some well respected professional certifications like CISSP, CCNA, ACP, and earned my Masters Degree in IT. Hong Kong has been a nice stop in my life, but the journey continues…, I’m leaving Hong Kong, this time the destination is UK. I’m moving to UK in August 2007, with my family. By moving to UK, I hope to improve the quality of life for my family in the long term, and I think I’ll have more interesting opportunities to grow professionally as well. If anyone in UK is looking for someone with my background (pdf), feel free to contact me or email me at

I’m having mixed feelings at this stage. A lot of excitement and some uncertainty at times. I’m observing my feelings with great interest. I’ve learned to watch my own feelings, and chatter in the head up to some extent, thanks to mindfulness meditation. It’s amazing to step back and observe what your mind is doing. This gives some clarity and helps make important decisions. I truly believe that life is a journey, not a destination, and I’m really enjoying this new phase of my journey that’s about to begin.

Any tips (for a newcomer) from people living in the UK will be very much appreciated. You can leave comments or contact me.

Ok England, here comes one more geek!

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  1. mp says:

    Niranjan, welcome to the UK in advance (although I’m in Africa myself thesedays 🙂 )! Will be great to meet you in person in the UK.

  2. Thanks Mahesh, Look forward to meet you in UK. It’ll be great indeed! When are you coming back from Africa? And thanks for the email too, I’ll contact your dai soon.

  3. […]来月、私の䌚瀟でネットワヌク゚ンゞニアずしお働いおくれたN君が退瀟する。

  4. Thanks Toji san, for the kind words at your blog.

    I’m talking about the comment no. 3, for those who don’t understand Japanese (including me) my boss has a post about me at his blog (Google Translated).

  5. 蔵人 (kurodo) says:

    Niranjan, haven’t really talked to you all that much, but you’ve been a great help to me the few weeks i’ve been here. I know from all the things I saw you punch in your mac book pro that you’re 1 in a million. If not, there’s about 5 people in the world that can do what you do from how I understand it hahaha. Hope you’ll establish a satisfying life (and ofcourse, journey) in UK. Good luck… not that you need it : )

  6. Hi Kurodo, thanks for taking the time to comment in my blog. It was my pleasure to help you with your site. I’m flattered by your kind words and thanks for the good wishes (which I always need :)).

    Good luck to you too, and do keep in touch.

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