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Buddha Boy meditating in pit

When I read the news about Bomjan’s plan to start the ‘patal samadhi’ (underground meditation), it appeared to me that he’ll go under the trench and they’ll literally bury him alive. I was very worried about his safety and wished

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Buddha boy plans live burial

Ram Bahadur Bomjoan, the Buddha Boy is back in the news with reports that he plans to be buried alive while meditating. Bomjan now plans to begin ‘patal samadhi’ (underground meditation), a private TV channel reported Monday, quoting a local

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Unboxing of AppleTV

I was lucky to get my hand on the AppleTV early enough. I’ve taken some photos, enjoy… Click on the photo for larger image.

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Free Web Hosting Management with Virtualmin

Few years ago I was looking for a virtual host management system, that’s when I came across Virtualmin. The features satisfied my requirements and of course you can’t beat the free, price wise :). I’ve been using it in an

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30 Strangest Deaths in History

Strange and unusual deaths… Austrian Hans Steininger was famous for having the world’s longest beard (it was 4.5 feet or nearly 1.4 m long) and for dying because of it. One day in 1567, there was a fire in town

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Buddha Boy goes missing again

Update 13 March 2007: He’s been found safe and is meditating in a new place. All Headline News is reporting that the Buddha Boy (Ram Bahadur Bomjan) has gone missing again after he re-appeared in December last year on Christmas

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Which is the better value: MacBook or MacBook Pro?

I’m planning to buy a new laptop (MacBook or MacBook Pro) after the Leopard is released, and have been wondering which one of the new apple laptops provide a better value. Here is a nice break down of different components

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WordPress 2.1.1 Dangerous, Upgrade

WordPress is reporting that a cracker gained user-level access to one of the servers and modified the 2.1.1 download file. The hacker managed to modify two files in WP 2.1.1 to include code that would allow for remote PHP execution.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Just wanted to share some striking images that I came across recently. I’ve compiled them here (in no particular order), I think they’re very powerful, and convey something that would be very difficult to express with words alone, so I

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