Taiwanese quake disrupts Internet access

The earthquakes that shook Taiwan yesterday, killed 2 when a building collapsed, and injured at least 40. The quake also damaged undersea cables that disrupted Telecommunications and Internet connections around Asia.

When I went to office this morning, after 3 days Christmas holiday, the phone was constantly ringing, with customers query about Internet and Email service. Our servers were inaccessible from Overseas and we couldn’t reach sites outside of Hong Kong.

Yesterday, I’d noticed an upsurge in traffic to my blog after the news of Buddha Boy’s reappearance, but unfortunately today most of the visitors from US cannot access my site. Hopefully the the damaged cables will be repaired soon and we’ll have an access to the wider world.

This is the notice from my ISP (looks like it’ll take several days to fix):


News: Quake disrupt Asia communication

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