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Taiwanese quake disrupts Internet access

The earthquakes that shook Taiwan yesterday, killed 2 when a building collapsed, and injured at least 40. The quake also damaged undersea cables that disrupted Telecommunications and Internet connections around Asia. When I went to office this morning, after 3

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Buddha Boy reappears

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, popularly known as Buddha Boy, who disapperead in March this year has been spotted near a dense forest in Pathlaiya nijgadh, on Sunday night. Local hunters, who had been out hunting in the jungle spotted Bomjon first.

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Wp-hashcash — an excellent comment SPAM plugin

The comment and trackback spams had been a headache for me. Every blogger understands how annoying they are and how unproductive they can make you. Besides from being a blogger, I maintain systems that hosts many wordpress blogs. The good

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Going mobile

I switched from Microsoft to Apple on desktop, but on mobile I’m jumping (trying) from Palm to Microsoft. I’ve bought a Dopod 720w, which runs windows mobile 5 smartphone edition. It’s gorgeous and slim, with bright screen, Wi-Fi, Edge, Gprs,

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What do you think about Buddha Boy?

UWB has posted a recently taken photo of Ram’s mother and sister in No News of Buddha boy but the life goes on… A significant number of users land in my blog searching for the keywords “buddha boy”, “meditating boy”,

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Is the Internet Security failing?

Security Absurdity: The Complete, Unquestionable, And Total Failure of Information Security. Noam Eppel writes how the Internet security is failing and what can be done about it. He compares the current state of security industry with a boiling frog: They

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Images from Hindu Temples

I wanted to upload these photos for a long time and now finally after a long procrastination I’ve managed to post them. Enjoy… Bindabashini Temple, Pokhara. A young priest in Shiva Temple. It was an amazing and peaceful experience to

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