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I always recommend to run Linux on Servers in our office and also for our customers. When asked why, among other things I say Linux is stable, popular, have more community support, and I’m familiar and comfortable with it. But when asked why not BSD, I say it’s similar to Linux because both are Unix-style OSes but also there’re many differences… and one of them is that I’m not so familiar with the BSD :). A BSD user has put together everything you need to know about BSD vs Linux. Recently I’ve installed a FreeBSD server for an e-commerce system and agree with the author that "The differences between BSD and Linux all derive from basic philosophical differences. Once you understand those, everything else falls into place pretty neatly."

While there’s overwhelming similarity between the operating systems in most cases, there are also a lot of differences. As you probe more into the differences, you find that they emerge from deep-seated disagreements. Some are disagreements over development methodology, some over deployment and usage, some about what’s important, some about who’s important, and some about which flavor of ice cream is superior. Just comparing the surface differences doesn’t tell you anything; it’s the deeper differences that both explain and justify why each group does things the way they do.

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  1. Arab says:

    Thank you, I use FreeBSD for my servers and OpenSuse for my laptop when I need to plan with it beside XP as well.

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