Zazen, vipassana, mindfulness meditation

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about Buddhism and am practicing (experimenting) mindfulness meditation. Just found an excellent article about mindfulness meditation (Zazen, vipassana, mindfulness meditation) which I wanted to share with you all. When we talk about meditation we tend to think that it should be done by sitting in a lotus position but zazen can be done anywhere anytime with positive physical and psychological benefits.

But it isn’t necessary to practice zazen sitting in a lotus position. You can use everyday opportunities to practice. When you feel like flinching while talking with someone, that is an excellent time to practice because it will help you deal with the situation. Observe your experience — the person you’re talking to, your surroundings, your bodily sensations, the thoughts arising in your mind. Just pay attention without withdrawing or flinching. It is very calming.

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3 comments on “Zazen, vipassana, mindfulness meditation
  1. Daria says:

    Hi Niranjan,

    I, too, have been practicing Vipassana Meditation for several years and last year I began a daily yoga path. I don’t know what type of yoga I’m doing, but I feel myself standing straighter throughout the day, and I can feel in my back when I have neglected practicing for a day or two.

    I have started a blog where I wish to share insights with other meditation practitioners. I am not an expert, but it is nice to share with others, so if you are interested in sharing thoughts, progress, questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by:

    Blessings~ Daria McBee

  2. Daria,

    thanks for stopping by. I’ve already read few posts from your blog. You’ve done a great job at journaling your meditation moments. I’m also planning to write about my meditation experience (I’m not an expert too:)). Thanks for introducing your blog, I’ll be checking it time to time.

  3. Daria says:


    Thanks for stopping by my site and for your feedback. I will check back to read about your meditation experiences, as well.
    ~Happy day~

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