Nepalese get back their freedom by fighting for it

Freedom is not a privilege it’s a basic human right and if any individual or group denies you of this right, then you have to ask for it. If you don’t get it back simply by asking for it, you’ve to fight for it. Nepali people asked for it politely which was ignored but just got their freedom back by fighting for it!

Now the sovereignty goes back to people. People power today showed that nobody can ignore it. When the silent majority comes out saying enough is enough. Autocratic regimes fall and dictators kneel down. This is exactly what happened today in Nepal. The people of Nepal have made their voices heard and forced the king to give the power back to them

It’s time for Nepalese leaders to rise up to show their true leadership. I’m sure (hope) they’ve learnt a great deal of lesson from their past mistakes. Royalists and those who support the autocratic government for their personal benefit have spread a myth that democracy is synonymous to leaders (e.g Giriza, Madhav or Surya B.). We need to understand that democracy is not any individual leader. It is a system, maybe it’s not the perfect system but so far is the best known system that works for people and not against them. Let there be no doubt that this victory is not for the leaders or parties but it’s for the PEOPLE!

The new government should do the following things:

1. Form an all party government

2. Call a constituent assembly . Need to make sure that army is not in king’s hand if he’s still to be there. Personally I think we’re better off him but don’t mind seeing him confined to his palace as a symbol only. I hope he’s learned a lesson of his life time. Thanks to Nepalese people. Now he’ll have to think 100 times before undermining the sovereignty of people again. (Of course this is if he still remains in the palace :))

3. Bring Maoist to mainstream politics. They need to lay down their arms and participate in democratic elections. This is a perfect historical opportunity which I’m sure they wouldn’t want to miss. Today Nepalese public just taught not only the king but the maoist too a perfect lesson by achieving peacefully what they couldn’t do with bloodshed for last 10 years.

Away from home I feel so relieved and triumphant. LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY!!!

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