Nepal King bows to people power but there are outstanding issues!

Nepal’s King Gyanendra has finally bowed to the people power by announcing that he returns the executive power back to people. But many major issues demanded by the people are not addressed and looks like he’s playing a political game just to diffuse the tension temporarily . The major issues not addressed in his royal proclamation are:

  • What about the constituent assembly?
  • What about the Maoist insurgency?

Basically he’s taking things back to where they were 5 years ago. If we just go back to 1990 constitution then he effectively remains with power to dissolve the elected parliament if he wishes to do so in the future and the Royal Nepalese Army still remains under his control. So, leaders and Nepalese people don’t give up until you get the full democracy. The 1990 constitution is flawed and it basically was a compromise between the Palace and Political parties at that time.

Full text of the Royal Proclamation from

(Unofficial Translation)

Proclamation to the Nation from His Majesty King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev

7(21 April 2006)

Beloved Countrymen,You are all aware that, given the situation prevailing in the country then, we were compelled to take the decision of 1 February 2005 to set in motion a meaningful exercise in multiparty democracy by activating all elected bodies, ensuring peace and security and a corruption-free good governance through the collective wisdom, understanding and the united efforts of all the Nepalese. By supporting our decision, the Nepalese people made amply clear their desire for peace and democracy and the civil servants demonstrated sincerity towards their duties. We are appreciative of this. We also have high regard for the dutifulness, valour and discipline displayed by the security personnel, upholding their glorious traditions.

By visiting different parts of the country, we made honest endeavours to acquaint ourselves with the hopes and aspirations of our people, mitigate their hardships and boost their morale. We also called on the political parties to enter into a dialogue in the interest of the nation and people afflicted by violence and terrorism. However, this did not materialise. The ideals of democracy can be realised only through the active participation of political parties. In keeping with the traditions of the Shah Dynasty to reign in accordance with the popular will in the greater interest of the nation and people and our unflinching commitment towards Constitutional Monarchy and multiparty democracy, we, through this Proclamation, affirm that the Executive Power of the Kingdom of Nepal, which was in our safekeeping, shall, from this day, be returned to the people and be exercised in accordance with Article 35 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990. As the source of Sovereign Authority is inherent in the people, harmony and understanding must be preserved in the interest of the nation and people in an environment of peace and security. While safeguarding multiparty democracy, the nation must be taken ahead along the road of peace and prosperity by bringing into the democratic mainstream those who have deviated from the constitutional path. Similarly, a meaningful exercise in democracy must be ensured with the activation of representative bodies through elections as soon as possible. We, therefore, call upon the Seven Party Alliance to recommend a name, for the post of Prime Minister, at the earliest for the constitution of the Council of Ministers which will bear the responsibility of governing the country in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990. The present Council of Ministers will continue to function until the appointment of the Prime Minister.May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all!Jaya Nepal!

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