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POPURLS.COM is an aggregator site which lists the articles from popular web sites. The lists include digg,, furl, spurl, flickr, reddit, tailrank, fark, youtube, google news, yahoo news, newsvine, google video, wired and slashdot. The site has a simple

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Is the white elephant, in the form of monarchy, worth keeping in Nepal?

Mahesh Poudyal, a Nepalese blogger has written a post with very detail analysis on whether Monarchy is worth keeping in Nepal. He analyzes economic, political, and cultural aspect looking at the pros and cons of keeping monarchy in Nepal. The

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Nepalese get back their freedom by fighting for it

Freedom is not a privilege it’s a basic human right and if any individual or group denies you of this right, then you have to ask for it. If you don’t get it back simply by asking for it, you’ve

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King Gyanendra reinstates the dissolved parliament

King Gyanendra finally did what he should have done a long time ago. With the latest royal proclamation he’s reinstated the parliament which was dissolved in 2002. I think everybody; the king, political parties, maoists and royalists have learned enough

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Nepali Photoblog hits BoingBoing

Democratic Protests in Nepal is getting unprecedented coverage in International media. Of course it is well deserved and thanks to all the media coverage, world now sees how Nepalese are fighting for their freedom. I just noticed that Boing Boing

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Nepalese in Hong Kong march for Democracy at home

Today Nepalese living in Hong Kong marched from Kowloon Park to Star Ferry in support for full democracy in Nepal. The march turned to a mass gathering at Star Ferry and different speakers gave speeches supporting the demonstrators in Nepal

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Nepal King bows to people power but there are outstanding issues!

Nepal’s King Gyanendra has finally bowed to the people power by announcing that he returns the executive power back to people. But many major issues demanded by the people are not addressed and looks like he’s playing a political game

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News from Nepal

Things are pretty tense in Nepal. Demonstrators have defied the shoot on sight curfew that has been imposed for 18 hours. Now it’s extended by 7 more hours. More than 100 thousand people have come to demonstrate against the Royal

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OneStep DVD is really one step

I think Apple keeps things simple, yet powerful and effective. I was pleasantly surprised with iDVD. The Magic iDVD is very easy to use and yet lets you create a very professional DVDs with few clicks. The most amazing experience

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Mac Applications for daily use

After getting little familiar with the OS X now it’s time to plunge into the applications that are essential for daily productivity. Of course first thing is the web browser, then comes email client, office suite and other special applications.

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