WinXP and OSX dual boot in MacBook Pro

Finally I’ve succeeded in installing Windows XP in MacBook Pro. Now it can dual boot between Windows XP and MacOS X. There’re few issues with windows xp but being able to boot smoothly between these 2 OSes are really amazing. I’ve followed this HOWTO where more and more information is being added every few hours. I think most of the minor problems will be solved soon. If you want to install it for your self or want more information this wiki is the best place to go. Here I’m posting the photos of major installation sequence and some problems I encountered.


1. Downloaded

Windows XP Pro CD that came with my Samsung Notebook is SP1 but the patch works only with SP2. So this is what I did:

2. Downloaded WinXP SP2 separately.

3. Used the free tool nLite to integrate the WinXP SP2 with the XP Pro CD (SP1) and created the WinXP SP2 CD source.

4. Then followed Step-by-step-instruction

  • Burned the customized WinXP CD.
  • Partitioned the disk using OSX CD.
  • Installed OSX.

5. Started Windows XP installation.

6. I encountered a problem with the partition listing. I was presented with following options.

  • C: Partition 1 (EFI) [FAT32]
  • unpartitioned space
  • E: Partition 2 [unknown]
  • unpartitioned space

According to the guide the correct option should be as following:

  • E: Partition1 (EFI) [FAT32]
  • C: Partition2 [Unknown]
  • F: Partition3 [Unknown]

If you choose the Partition2 then you’ll get follwing error:

7. To solve the above problem I selected the first "unpartitioned space," then pressed "C" to create a new partition. As described in this solution. After this things went smoothly.

8. Finally it’s installed

9. System Properties

10. Device Manager with unrecognized devices.

11. Downloaded the drivers from here. Ethernet works fine. Wireless doesn’t work. Wireless also works. If I press restart it will shutdown.

12. Browsing my blog.

13. Boot Choice: Mac OSX

14. Boot Choice: Windows XP

Now there’re few driver issues I’m quite sure they’ll be solved soon.

Update: You might be interested to check What’s next for Intel Macs?

If you want to try for yourself and support this site consider buying intel Macs from Amazon:


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108 comments on “WinXP and OSX dual boot in MacBook Pro
  1. Brian,
    I’m not sure what’s wrong with your installation, can anyone help him? Here is the Boot Camp FAQ from Apple, hopefully it will be useful to you. The installation requirements among other things are, latest firmware update for your intel mac from apple, and you can only install winxp sp2 (no sp1 or earlier).

  2. Jerry says:


    Do we need 2gb ram on the Macbook black to run windows with parallels along with mac os. Will it be really slow if I keep it with 1gb. Do I need to updgrade to 2gb. Please respond back asap

  3. Jerry,
    Definitely you should go for 2GB. I’ve tried Parralel’s Coherence in MacBook Pro, with 1GB RAM, and can tell that it’s still slow to switch between OSX to WinXP applications.
    I hope this response is fast enough 😉

  4. paul says:

    so has anyone played Half Life 2 in WinXP on their MacBook pro yet? Seeing this article..and hoping to play Half Life 2 on my MacBook pro is the only thing keeping me from selling my MacBook.

  5. Terry says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve just bought the 17″ Mac Book Pro with the 2GB RAM. I’m going into a new contract next month where the company only supports Microsoft. OS, unlike my current contact where they support Miscrosoft, Mac, Solaris, & Linux.
    I bought the Mac Book Pro for a few reasons being able to dual boot. I need to use both OS for different reasons, for my business and for hobbies.

    My only concerns with my new contact is the VPN software the company provides. As they don’t support Macs, I have to get Windows XP Pro on there. Has anyone had an experience with VPN connectivity through XP Pro on their Mac Book Pros?

    Any other advice should I know about?


  6. Hi Terry,

    congratulations with the new purchase. For the VPN you might want to look at VPN Tracker (I haven’t tried it myself though). If your company is using IPSec VPN then they promise compatibility with over 300 VPN firewalls devices. BTW, PPTP VPN is built-in to OSX and works flawlessly.

  7. jetpower says:

    In my experience, it’s fine. I tend to run XP in fullscreen mode (boot powered by Parallels). I get occasional XP crashes, which I can escape by restarting or “powering off” the virtual XP machine, which takes me back to the Mac OS. Then, I can restart XP if desired.

    My biggest practical problem is getting really familiar with the Mac key/command sequences. Practice, practice, practice – and it’s fun!

  8. JGamer says:

    Is it revesable?? IOW using same process can i put osx on intel?

  9. BoGuS says:

    here’smy problem….I’ve install XP on macbook pro and now OSX wont boot anymore and canot install it back again…????

    I am new to mac so if I am missing something
    can someone tell me cause this is getting to my head right now!

    wanted to update the firmware but cannot start the process….I think I need some help!!!
    anyone had this glitch too???
    anything could help I am sure!!!!

  10. mobil says:

    hi alle can i help my ay have problem and my macbook pro because ay have instal win xp and my leopard mac is delet from pc how can help my how ay do tahks ay want my leopard back and my pc

  11. Ali Hamed says:

    I want the opposite of this HOWTO, I need to install MacOSX on WinXP computer, i.e winxp is already installed, and I don’t want to lose anything there, and then to Install MacOSX, and to be “able” to choose the boot system.

  12. David says:


    Got 1 problem, i got a macbook. And i run win xp on it. But the problem is i dont know how to adjust the brightness & contrast. Cause the comands on the keyboárd arent the same now. Usually its – and + key that you push on but they dont work now.

    Would be gratefuk if someone could tell me how i shall do it?


  13. David says:

    *grateful ;P

  14. Socrates says:

    I have Windows XP Pro SP2 CD.
    I tried to follow howto. but it has failed..

    I running this procedure with my MacBook Pro 2GHZ

    Please help

  15. James Hilton says:

    Had to do a reinstall on my Mac Pro after upgrading the hard disk drives, so thought I would try putting XP on it before i put OSX back on it ready for work again. I just used the XP CD from my very old Sony Laptop (back in the day when they did give out an XP CD) and after a few hours managed to get it on after reading though various guids on the internet.

    I installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 as I have a windows copy on my laptop too, and am a bit annoyed to see that XP seems to my eye to run CS3 a bit faster. I regally scan 5×4 negatives at high resolution, so am working with 1GB+ files most of the time, and for the usual procedures I perform after scanning in the negs it definitely took less time than it normally would on OSX……….

    I have read many posts from programers on the net voicing frustration that OSX is not especially optimized as it could be for speed………maybe they could actually be some truth in it.

  16. anSHIN says:

    Does winxponmac work for WinXP SP3 discs also?

  17. CHUKS-G says:

    please i got a macbook pro passworded and i want to install mac osx on;were do i get this os installer.

  18. Your Buddy says:

    I went ahead and partitioned my disk. When I am on the mac side, is there anyway to edit the files on XP side? I am able to see, even open the files, but I am unable to write new ones to the XP from mac. It just says that “desktop” cannot be modified. Thanks!

  19. yazmin says:

    i installed windows xp on my macbook pro… the windows screen is all stretched though (horizontally to fit the widescreen) any idea how to fix this?

  20. The Fixx says:

    The reason for dual boot is if you are a developer, administrator, or Net Admin.

    You need to test whatever you did on windows or if someone has an issue you need to be them and test it.

    Grow a brain…….

  21. mao says:

    is it possible if only windows xp will be installed in your macbook pro?is there any something wrong will happen to the capacity of your macbook?

  22. Vinz says:

    Hello !

    Pour ceux que ca intérèsse on a publié un article récemment sur du dual boot Mac + Ubuntu 10.04 !

    ( )

    Bonne semaine !

  23. L3B0 says:

    Hey man, thank a million.!! Tutorial in conjunction with another one I found worked awesome!! 🙂
    How to Dual and Triple Boot Windows 7, Apple Mac OS X and Ubuntu 9.10 on a Laptop/Computer
    You should check it out too, and maybe adapt it :), but thanks a millions bro! OH YEAH
    How to Dual and Triple Boot Windows 7, Apple Mac OS X and Ubuntu 9.10 on a Laptop/Computer

  24. Clive says:

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  25. This is exactly the information I needed. Appreciate your writing this posting.

  26. Mrwan says:

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  27. Anonymous says:

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