WinXP on Mac contest declares winner has posted an update saying:

Contest has been won – updates to follow shortly. All further donations will go into an account to sustain the open source project that will be launched with the initial solution.

That means the winner nabbed almost $ 14,000. They’ve started a wiki and a detailed, step by step HOWTO. If the dual boot becomes more seamless, I think the intel macs would be more appealing to windows users too.

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2 comments on “WinXP on Mac contest declares winner
  1. Francis Douse says:

    This is all fine and dandy, but..


    I mean, please tell me why this is of any use? Why on earth would we want people buying Mac hardware JUST to forcibly downgrade to an inferior environment? For software? I’m sorry but I’ve been in the industry for long enough to know that there is NO need for both environments, there are enough alternatives and different approaches to ensure that Windows-dependancy should never be a problem, I’ve ran computers without Windows for most of the late 90’s till now without EVER needing (and I mean truly needing) Windows.

    Just doing it for the sake of it is so pointless, so, what is the point of this?

    Now if script kiddies came up with something actually useful, like a VM containing a near-full-speed XP UNDER THE MAC OS desktop, then it would have SOME point and perhaps a degree of integration with Mac OS.

    Who would want to do this? Buy the finest hardware with the finest OS and software just to discard it all and install such a PEDESTRIAN operating system, what is the bloody point? What a waste of time and human endeavour, that could have been focussed into something we all could use without such extreme measures.

    This is just a toy for people who want to spend over the top getting nice hardware just to crack and hack to downgrade it to the level of a cheap nasty consumer PC.

    BUY A CHEAP PC! or better still, just get over Windows – you DO NOT NEED IT.

  2. Francis:
    yes, there’re a lot of people who would agree with you and others who think otherwise. You can check out why people want this and hate this. I personally think this would be useful because there’re a lot of applications that run only on windows (e.g. cisco stuff). You’re lucky that you could do without ever needing windows. Of course you are right if someone comes with a VM that can run windows within MAC OS in near full speed then who’ll want to dual boot? If you could switch between OSes without rebooting? That would be a dream come true!

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