Performancing Metrics: Statistics for blogs have released a very cool service called Performancing Metrics. It is a statistics service aimed at professional bloggers. It’s packed with features that bloggers will definitely find very useful. It’s in beta and free for public. The setup takes less than 5 mins. (need to register) and approx. an hour for your statistics to appear online. It’s not real time but better than Google Analytics in terms of response. I highly recommend this to all bloggers and I’ll be using this from now on in addition to my Awstats.

Few things you should be looking right away after activating the Metrics:

Add multiple blogs – really, add as many as you want. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be able to show you the aggregate data for your entire network also.

Subscribe to your metrics RSS – the little RSS buttons top right will give you a daily summary of your Metrics

See Adsense data – Running Adsense? You’ll like this one then, and we plan to improve it, aswell as support other ad systems in the future.

Search Engine Details – Find the Search Engines page, then click on the actual phrase to get drill down data on each search phrase

The rest you will have to explore, I wouldn’t want to ruin all the fun heh…

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  1. […] Traffic MonitoringI’d spent quite some time just refreshing my Awstats page and it’s amazing to see the growth in 3 digits every few mins. Besides my own Awstats I’m using the performancing metrics for my blog. But unfortunately from yesterday just as the traffic started growing in my site, the performancing metrics stopped tracking my blog. I’ve sent an email to about the problem but haven’t head from them yet. […]

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