Nepali Times: Mayadebi’s meditating son

Nepali Times have an article Mayadebi’s meditating son. (Requires login. It’s free to register). There’s nothing new about the Buddha Boy himself but it’s interesting to know his childhood from his mother. I think she’s fed up of the same questions everyone is asking.

Mayadebi remembers Ram stopped going to school, followed a Lama and went from monastery to monastery. His mother lost track of him and she would hear he was in Lumbini or Dehradun. Mayadebi says she has never gone near her son since he started fasting. “I’m too scared,” she tells us, “I am afraid of what I might see. After he left school, I was afraid my son was going to be a good-for-nothing, after he started meditating the neighbours said that he had gone mad. But now I’m just worried about him.”

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  1. Managed Dedicated Servers says:

    I’ve heard all about this guy, it sounds interesting.

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