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What is Microsoft’s Origami?

Rumors are buzzing all around the web about Microsoft’s gadget project codenamed Origami. Origami should be a device smaller than your notebook but bigger than mobile phone or PDA. It should be capable of supporting features like GPS, Bluetooth, 3G

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Time Management for System Administrators

Just finished reading Time Management for System Administrators by Thomas A. Limoncelli. I highly recommend this book to every System and Network Administrator. The book is packed with really useful tips for geeks who need to address the time management

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Layout Changes and new plug-ins

I’ve been playing with the wordpress templates for a while. And if you are a regular visitor you might have noticed the changes. The main purpose was to make the site and information more accessible. As the number of articles

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Buddha Boy: Links Collection

I was just checking my stats today and analyzing the links from external pages. It was pretty interesting to see the traffic coming from different sites (although it’s not very high). The most popular article so far in my blog

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E-mail Server Installation Checklist

I have to install email servers every now and then. Sometimes customers need a new email server, sometimes it’s scheduled upgrade or replacement of the old server and sometimes it’s because of failures. In carrying out these installations the procedure

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Windows Vista comes in 8 Version!

Seems like windows users will have a lot of choice and sysadmins a lot of headache. According to Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows, there will be at least 8 different versions of windows vista. Windows Starter 2007: Aimed at beginner

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WikiHow: Useful HowTos for Geeks

WikiHow is a collaborative writing project with lots of useful how-to manuals. They’re free, contributed and maintained mainly by volunteers. I saw some how-tos that could be useful for geeks. How to Improve your Posture How to Exercise While Sitting

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Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista

As the latest version of Windows called Vista will be out on the stores later this year. Michael Desmond wrties about Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista 1. Security, security, security: Windows XP Service Pack 2 patched a lot of

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RT: Request Tracker installation CentOS 4

We are currently evaluating the Request Tracker (RT) in our office. Request Tracker is a ticketing system which enables to efficiently manage problems, tasks, issues, and requests submitted by users. RT is an online ticketing system tightly integrated with email.

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New trojan/virus targets Mac OS X

The first Trojan targeting Mac OS X (OSX/Oompa-A) is in the wild but seems it’s not that critical according to this site. You cannot be infected by this unless you do all of the following: 1) Are somehow sent (via

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