Buddha Boy (Update)

UWB has an article Ram Bahadur Bomjan: The Buddha Boy. The story is translated from original Nepalese article published in Kantipur Daily newspaper. It is an interesting update with almost everything possible known about the Meditating boy. The photo below is linked to it’s original source UWB.

A team of doctors observed him for half an hour and this is what they had to say:

    “In a time period of half an hour the meditator inhaled three times, swallowed saliva once and moved his eyelashes” said Dr Sah. He further added that even if he eats during the night he is an extraordinary person for being able to sit in a single posture for 12 hours in a row. He thinks that Bomjan has been able to do the impossible because of the practice of Yoga. Shah says,” Investigation is necessary for this challenge to the medical world.”

Buddha Boy of Nepal

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12 comments on “Buddha Boy (Update)
  1. yubraj says:

    there are a lot of people who beleive this and many who don’t. like dr Shah said, even if he eats, he has been sitting in a single posture for such a long time, that should be enough. in a tender adolscent age of sixteen, he is doing what many teenagers don’t even think of. the other thing is that, many people has been saying that only a DNA test can prove if he has been eating or not. i think thats ridiculous because on the first hand, he never did what he is doing just to get attention, on the other hand, he says he is not buddha, he is just meditating and that not to disturb him.
    and in order to perform a DNA test, doctors will have to peirce his skin with an injection needle, that would definitely cause chaos in his work. i think we all should just leave him alone and let him do what he is doing. why bother, he probably didn’t start meditating with an intention of attracting people, so they would praise him. he just wants to meditate to get more knowledge or maybe enlightenment.

  2. Niranjan Kunwar says:

    Yes, I agree with you. We should just leave him alone and let him achieve whatever he’s there to achieve. I also think that it would be very difficult for him to do it in privacy now, since the whole world is focused at him. I just hope that they won’t pierce, poke or do anything stupid to put an obstacle in his meditation.

  3. Norbu Tenzin says:

    I fully agee his meditation and every body should not try to help him to achieve his meditation instead of disturbing him. Now whole world know that there is a boy in Nepal who meditate for true path. If he complete his meditation it will be benefited to whole world and not only for himself. So I hope whole world will be very proud of having such person who seek true path in the world.

  4. Managed Dedicated Servers says:

    Westerners fail to understand.

  5. Juan Gomez says:

    I can Understand this kid he seems very much into his idea and belief. I only hope that one of these days people qould leave him alone and just let him find true enlightenment, If he’s there its for his own reason many non-believer don’t understand because there just to afraid to understand there are somethings that would be understaood.

  6. Erin says:

    How does he do that stuff? he looks Weird and yuck his hair someone needs to cut it….

  7. Kristen says:

    “he looks Weird and yuck his hair someone needs to cut it….”

    When seeking enlightenment, I’m sure the style of one’s hair doesn’t matter. Also, your statement about him looking “weird” is insulting. He actually exhibits signs of arsenic poisoning, something fairly common in Nepal.

  8. Athula says:

    I also fully agree with Yubraj. Absolutely you correct.
    Lots of things happening around the universe but people don’t know and Modern Science has not well developed yet to understand everything. Fundamental forces (according to Standard model in High Energy Physics) are not enough to explain every interaction in the universe and also in human mind. As a good human please respect to others activities and allowed them to continue there exercises. We are insects and do nothing by comparing with Lord Buddha.

  9. brifar says:

    i would like to hear the latest reports on this subject please… brifar

  10. Brifar, you can find more about Ram Bomjan in this google groups

  11. ryan says:

    Great discussion! You’ve got a good blog going here.

  12. Ken Ashworth says:

    “Westerners fail to understand. ”

    Easterners fail to understand Westerners misunderstandings

    -a Western Buddhist misunderstander

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