PCCW is entering 3G with a bang

If you are in Hong Kong then you should be aware that PCCW recently acquired Sunday mobile operator. And now they’re entering the mobile communication with a bang by offering a free 6 month trial of 3G service for Hong Kongers. In their website they mention:

  • Service Plan $0
    * Unique PCCW Platinum U636 model 3G handset with 1.3 mega pixel camera and 262k color QVGA dual display
    * Unlimited use of local intra-network SMS, MMS and video calls
    * Unlimited local GPRS usage for browsing the PCCW mobile 3G WAP portal
    * Free enjoyment of the unique wealth of content on “TVB Channel”
    * Free enjoyment of Voice Mail, Call Hold, Conference Call, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Call Barring
    * Waived mobile service license fee and related charges
  • The offer looks very attractive, I’ve already registered and if you’re in Hong Kong you can try it free for 6 months. The most compelling part is Unlimited Local GPRS use (wow…). But you’ll have to be careful terminating your service after 5 months if you don’t want to continue because they’ll be charging your credit card after 6 months for a service plan which is not fixed yet.

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    2 comments on “PCCW is entering 3G with a bang
    1. PY says:

      Unlimited local GPRS usage ****for browsing the PCCW mobile 3G WAP portal***

    2. Niranjan Kunwar says:

      Thanks PY for correcting me about the Unlimited GPRS usage. I was too excited about the offer that I missed to read some lines. I’ve crossed that part in the post

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