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Yoga for fitness and more

I’ve never been consistent with my physical exercise. I know very well that I need to keep myself fit but I’ve been unable to follow a regular exercise routine (not strong enough will power, I guess…). I’m sure all of

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HowTO Send and Receive Email Without an Email Client

There can be situations where we need to send and receive emails without having an access to the email clients. For network and system admins using command line can be a very useful technique. We can troubleshoot the email problems

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Samba 4 with Active Directory Support

New test version of Samba is available for download. You can check their Release Notes. They’ve spent 3 years in development. It’s still a Technology Preview to allow users, managers and developers to see the progress and get the feedback

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Useful Network Tools

Very useful 2 Online and 2 Desktop network utilities Online Tools: 1. It a a very comprehensive tool that contains almost everything that you want to do with DNS. This is what DNSstuff says about itself: “We strive to

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Buddha Boy (Update)

UWB has an article Ram Bahadur Bomjan: The Buddha Boy. The story is translated from original Nepalese article published in Kantipur Daily newspaper. It is an interesting update with almost everything possible known about the Meditating boy. The photo below

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Secure Remote Access (SSL VPN)

Last Saturday we had fun in our annual lunch and I presented about secure mobile remote access (SSL VPN). I wanted to let everyone know that there is a better, easier and safer way to connect to the corporate network

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Buddha Boy of Nepal

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Buddha Boy of Nepal (his name is Ram Bahadur Bomzon). If you haven’t check this BBC story or Nepali Times (the photo on the right corner looks latest and is linked to it’s source,

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PCCW is entering 3G with a bang

If you are in Hong Kong then you should be aware that PCCW recently acquired Sunday mobile operator. And now they’re entering the mobile communication with a bang by offering a free 6 month trial of 3G service for Hong

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Secure and out-of-the-box Server/Gateway

If your are a network or system administrator of a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) then you’ll have to do a lot of things that go beyond the call of your duty. You need to find systems, softwares and tools,

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Apple MacBook Pro

Apple released the Intel notebook which it calls MacBook Pro. It is the slimmest apple notebook and performs 4 times faster than previous powerbooks. Looks like a dream machine… but I still have a new samsung notebook. So, I’ll have

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